Time, is it all a farce?

work work work

The title sounds deep but don’t be fooled! Every Friday afternoon I’m convinced that time is an illusion and that our mind and the universe is playing tricks on us. How is that I when I look at the clock it’s been 3:00 for the past 5 hours??? But the weekend goes by in the blink of an eye???

What if time really isn’t constant? Or as constant as we think it is. I mean, 1 hour will always be 60 minutes long but your experience of 60 minutes and my experience of 60 minutes can be polar opposites. I maybe feel like it’s twice as long while you may feel that it’s half as long. Who’s right? You, me or the clock?

I remember when I was younger and I was looking forward to something, a birthday, Diwali, a holiday, waiting for that day to arrive was torture. When it actually did arrive I barely remembered how the day went by so quickly. I tried every method I could to appreciate the day. Like consciously slowing down and making myself appreciate the moment. Or stopping for a minute and just absorbing what was happening to me. I think that’s why people like to taking pictures of everything, it’s to remind them of what that moment felt like because it’s over so quickly.

And yet, every Friday the opposite is true. I finish work at around 4 on a Friday and yet the afternoon drags by incredibly slowly. Today I had enough excitement to have gotten me through a whole week! My new phone arrived and where as normally I wouldn’t have had enough time to even take it out of the packaging today I managed to move my contents from one device to another, move sim cards and play around with the settings.

I also got a new book which would have kept me buzzing for hours, but the 30 mins I spent indulging in starting it during lunch didn’t even make a dent on my day. I had 5 Whatsapp conversations with numerous friends and usually by the end of the day I have to say a quick ‘GTG, home time’ today I’ve said all I could say and we even wished each other good bye with a few smiley faces thrown in. Why time gods, why????!!!

Why does the Father of Time torture me every Friday?

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