the Mighty Bucket Bath


The bucket bath is an ancient and revered Indian tradition. Many a bath time in my family centred around the all-important Bucket. From toddlers to adults, when times were tough you used the bucket. Showers and ‘soaks’ were unheard of in my family. Too little people and not enough geyser capacity guaranteed that a bucket bath was all you had. Let me explain how it works.

First and foremost you need a bucket, preferably a 20 litre as that will most likely to fit into your tub. Then you need a little ‘stool’ or chair to fit in the tub. This one is tricky though. It needs to be small enough so that you don’t feel like you’re gona spill out of the bath when you sit on it but it shouldn’t be so small that it’s likely to break with the weight of an adult. My mum had the…

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