Happy Valentine’s Day


Is it just me is Valentine’s Day more of a ‘thing’ this year. Or maybe I’ve just noticed it more this year than before. My husband doesn’t ‘do’ Valentine’s Day so we’ve never actually celebrated it. His theory is that he shouldn’t be forced to do something nice for me once a year because it diminishes everything else he does for no reason except that he loves me.

At first that was fine but now it just sounds like a cop out. I like V Day! I like being all soppy and romantic and lovey dovey, I’m one of Those girls. I don’t wana be different, I’m happy being commercial lol. And every year the day just comes and goes because he doesn’t like it. So when everyone is busy asking who’s doing what for the day my response is always the same, and then I get the looks of pity. I’m not sure what’s worse, not having anyone to spend the day with or having someone and wasting it!

And it’s not to say that I don’t appreciate everything else that he does, I really do. I’m easy to please, a simple chocolate is all it takes to make me happy. I don’t need expensive dinners or fancy day spa’s. I just want him and me together, you know?

So when I brought it up on Friday and he gave me his usual line we ended up having a bit of an argument. And I actually got quite upset about it all. What if I said I didn’t celebrate Christmas (which I actually didn’t because I’m not Christian), would he have been happy with that? And I know it’s a religious holiday but for me it was just another day to exchange gifts. The point is that I make an effort for Christmas, the tree, church, lunch, presents, etc, because it’s important to him.

Long story short, he got me a something yesterday. And I loved it, especially because I wasn’t expecting anything. But now I’m wondering if he only bought me something because he felt obligated to, then there’s no point in getting me anything at all! But I don’t want to tell him that cos he’d get upset.

I dunno, this whole thing is one big mess.


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