Whenever my husband tells ‘disappointment creates character’ I wana bash him over the head! That has got to be the worst saying in history. He knew better than to tell me that last week when someone who I thought was a friend screwed me over.

I’ve been training someone to do risk compliance for about 6 months. My husband was originally supposed to get this job but then we had an internal applicant. This guy’s boss fought for him to get the job and I knew him and liked him so there was no hard feelings. He’s young, immature and has no experience at all, he was our filing guy so we decided to give him a chance. For 6 months I’ve basically all but doing his job for him. His immaturity was getting on my nerves and I’ve been losing paitience with him.


In December he resigns. I was annoyed cos he wasted my time and my husband could have had the job but I can’t begrudge him a better opportunity. I was also annoyed because my boss then came to me and said he’s taking away my other responsibilities and give me the entire risk compliance portfolio. Needless to say I was upset, I hate this role and it depresses me. But things happen for a reason so I let it go.


Imagine my anger levels when I find out that the reason this guy got the job was because he was having an affair with his boss? Plus he knew that he was getting this new job within the first month of starting with me! He was just waiting for his bonus to resign. I found out because he had to call his ex boss for advice on a risk matter and he asked me to do it. When I asked him why he said that things had gotten awkward between them since I started training him. I got annoyed and worried actually so I hounded him and his story was that because he preferred to train with me over her she got offended and had a huge fight with him.


I found this story fishy because she’s 45 and very calm and mature while he’s 25 and just the opposite. Eventually I find out the true story from his best bud. I was livid!!! He’s been manipulating me the entire time and using me. I can’t believe I fell for it. He just seemed so innocent. The reason he came to train with me was because they had broken up and had a falling out. He asked me to mentor him, something I took very seriously. And it was all a bunch of bull!

I’m incredibly hurt, and that’s bothering me. I thought that I was beyond all of this. He doesn’t know that I know the true story and for the sake of sanity I’ve just gone on like nothing happened. He’s even asked me to throw a bloody farewell for him! Argh!

Lesson learnt! No more emotional involvement…



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