A Ray of Light


The picture depicts my emotions right now. After being bogged down in darkness there is some light shining through and I finally have some hope.

Damn, reading that back to myself sounds so dramatic! LOL

I wrote a little while ago about the rut that I was in at work. Someone gave me the advice that if I don’t decide what I want to do with my life I won’t move forward. At the time I just didn’t want to do what I’m currently doing and have being doing for a good few years. After some soul searching and a lot of research I decided that I’d like to be a soft skills trainer. I like people, I like talking, I enjoy teaching and I have the energy for all this, so why not?

Almost as soon as I made this decision things started falling into place. Turns out my current company runs Train-The-Trainer courses in house at the expense of your department. Once you’re accredited you can train on a number of courses until your can become a full time trainer.

My next hurdle was to convince my boss that he needed to invest the time and money for me to do this. It’s at least a two year investment and it requires a lot of time away from my normal job. My boss is pretty awesome but he has to think of the department as a whole and what would be beneficial to the unit.

Turns out things worked in my favour as well. One of our specialists resigned and his job was something I used to do until it grew to large to stay part of my portfolio so they created a role for it. I spent 6 months training this guy and he ups and leaves. Now that’s he’s resigned I’ve found out that they didn’t like the way it did the work and they’ve asked me to move out of my role and into this other portfolio. It’s a critical role and it takes priority over everything else. It’s a lateral move in terms of salary, etc. and it’s not something I usually would have looked at except I could use it as a negotiating tool.

I made an agreement with my boss- if he pays for my studies to become a trainer and allows me the time to do practicals and the opportunity to move into to training full time then I’d take on this new role and the department would be secure for the next year at least. To my surprise he agreed, no questions, no arguments. Needless to say I’m extremely pleased!

I now have a solid goal to work towards and for the first time in years I’m confident of my abilities and I know that I’ll be successful in this new challenge. After the deep pit of despair that I’ve been in for the past few months this is a much needed ray of light to help out and back into my normal, positive space.


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