Am I real on the internet?


What makes me ‘real’? Is it the words that I write or the people that read my words that make me exist in blogland? Since I started blogging a few years I blogged under an alias. My friends and family have never visited my blog because I’ve never given out the details. I use this space to vent and be ‘myself’. To say the things I would never necessarily say in ‘real life’. I don’t want to hurt their feelings or cause issues so this is a safe space for me.

The problem that I’ve always faced is whether or not to post pictures of myself or my loved ones on here. I’ve always been afraid of trolls and bullies. I’ve also been afraid of being judged. I always see funny memes of people with littles tag lines on it and while I laugh I always wonder who those people are. Are they ok with the fact that an unflattering picture of them is floating around the world? Do they even know that this happened? Did they give their permission? Or did some stranger steal their picture from their blog, edit and made it the newest joke? I’m always afraid that’s going to happen to me.

And I always wonder about the people who do post pics of themselves on their blogs. Do they mind that there are strangers all over the world scrutinising their pics and forming judgements based on them? Or do they not particularly care either way? And are they being truly honest on their blogs or do they have a filter for their loved ones?

It’s a bit of catch 22 isn’t it? Am I real here?


8 thoughts on “Am I real on the internet?

  1. Interesting thought. But even in normal life, outside our “internet-presence” there is, I think, a differences between a private self and a self as shown to the others (maybe different for different people – family, friends, strangers…). On the internet, where all others know about us is what we put there deliberately, this division is maybe more pronounced, but I think it also exists in “normal life”.

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