Just call me the Powder Puff Girl


I will do anything, Anything, to not have to wash my hair. It’s that I like dirty hair, I really don’t, except when on holiday, but the effort it takes to do my hair is monumental. All my life I’ve washed and done my hair every single day. It was easy, mainly because I didn’t have a little monster of a son running around. Now, my long thick hair takes an extra half an hour to do. Half an hour that I’d rather spend sleeping.

So yesterday a friend of mine gave me a tip for oily hair I had to put it to the test. It seemed easy enough- put some powder on your hair before you go to bed and it’ll absorb all the oils so that in the morning you don’t have to wash your hair. I would literally do anything not to have to wash my so I figured, why not give it a try? Ha!

I probably looked a million time worse than my friend Ana here when I woke up this morning. After foolishly taking a sleeping tablet I ended up only going to bed at 11:00 because I just couldn’t put my book down. Then, it was so freakin’ hot I could barely sleep. Needless to say, that sleeping table kicked my ass when I tried to wake up.

The worst part however was the fact that I woke up looking like the Queen of the Undead.  I woke up looking like I had a very bad dye job. My hair was grey and stiff and stood up at angles that should not have been possible. Considering that I woke up 45 minutes after my alarm went off I most definitely did not have the time to do a wash and blow dry and I did what I could with it.

When I got to work I was fairly confident that I did a good job with the mess I made, that is until I got into the lifts and got a good look at myself in the floor to ceiling mirrors. Good lighting is the worst. Urgh! I spent the next half an hour using computer wipes to furiously wipe away any evidence of my powder debacle! In desperation I found an alice band stashed in my cupboard and put that on in an effort to hid the worst of the damage. I now look an grey and aging Alice in Wonderland! In hindsight it’s quite funny but I think I’ll just stick to my dry hair shampoo in future…


4 thoughts on “Just call me the Powder Puff Girl

    1. This was meant only as a joke but re-reading it now it looks to me like you could have taken it as an insult. In case you did, I apologize. Feel free to delete that comment.

    2. Wow, thanks for the effort that you’ve gone through! I used to have short hair for very many years, ironically with short hair I had to wash it every day because it would get mussed up when I slept. Maintenance took longer and was also more expensive with short hair. And I really do love my hair, it’s taken me a long time to get in some length, I just hate the washing part! lol I know, I shouldn’t be complaining

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