A kind gesture


The best way to immortalise someone is to put them in print. That’s always been my opinion anyway. Writing about someone puts them out of the ‘imaginary’ and into reality. You can’t forget what’s in written down in plain black and white, the written word.

So yesterday morning when I received a link to an article written about my dad I was incredibly emotional. It came as a complete surprise and I literally had to sit down and stop myself from bursting into tears. The town he grew up in has a local newspaper and this newspaper printed an article detailing the life and death of my father. It was written by someone with no experience in writing which was even better than had it been written by a professional because it was honest without any dramatics or embellishments.

There’s no better way I’d like for my dad to be remembered and it was encouraging to see that things like that still happen these days. That people still care about stuff like this. That’s the thing about small towns, they still have a sense of community and this has been lost in the bigger cities. We’ve become desensitized in a way, I know I have.

I hope that one I’ll be remembered in such an honourable way and that my children can read about my accomplishments.



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