Fill me up Please!



Chocolate, champagne, mind blowing sex, good books, coke, love, late night laughs, skinny dipping, blogging… All things I enjoy and wouldn’t mind doing over and over again except for the fact that I never have time to enjoy half these as often as I’d like. I try and read and blog every day but before I know it’s time to go to bed and then time to wake up again for work.

I’ve been thinking for a while that there’s something missing from my life. And not just because of the loss of my dad. There’s just something in our home lives that is lacking. My son and husband seem to be feeling at as well. Home seems emptier than usual. I just couldn’t figure out what it was until I spoke to a friend of mine that’s a child psychologist. I needed some advice on how to help my son get over my Dad’s death. He’s been really struggling and because he can’t really communicate how he feels it’s been even worse. I see how frustrated he gets when he asks about my dad, my responses don’t satisfy him.

Anyway, my friend suggested getting him a pet. As soon she said that a light bulb went of in my head and everything slipped into place. That’s what we were missing! A pet! It seems so obvious now. I’ve always grown up with dogs and animals. My dad was always bring home some sort of pet for me, I’ve had everything from chicks to turtles. Unfortunately when I moved out of home the complex I stayed in didn’t allow animals. I managed to sneak in a rabbit and for many years I was quite happy with him. I had to give him when my son was born as he quality of life was lowered because I just didn’t have the time to pay him as much attention as I used to. I didn’t want him to suffer so I had to part with him and sobbed for days whenever I though of him.

I’ve gone for about a year without him and I still miss him. I miss having an animal around. A little thing to shower love and toys on. Something that isn’t demanding or requires the kind of energy I just don’t have sometimes. And I thoroughly enjoy getting to know a new animal, learn it’s behaviours and personality, learn to love it. And I love when it starts loving back. That’s what I want my son to see and learn.

After much thinking we’ve decided to get a hamster. Its not ideal as far as a 2 year old goes but they’ll serve as a distraction for the whole family and even if my son can’t exactly ‘play’ with a hamster I can still teach how to love an animal, how to care for one and look after one. It’s an experiment that I’m hoping will work out for the best!

If anyone has any advice on these little critters I’m more than happy to listen!



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