Ke decemba boss!


There’s a party up in here! Well, there was a party up in here, not so much anymore… I’m talking about my December’s prior to having my son of course. December holidays meant endless days of swimming, braais, parties and of course, lots of drinks. Every day brought a new activity, more friends and lots of fun. I was care free and care less. Who cared about money and hang overs? Certainly not me! I was all about enjoying my well deserved holiday.

Now things have changed quite drastically. We’ve gone from endless parties to animated movies. From swimming and cocktails to baby pools and sippy cups. From sleeping up late with hang overs to waking up early and potty training. lol Ah, the joys of parenthood.

On one hand I wish I could do that. No responsibilities, no thinking further than the next hour, no worries. I want to not think. But last night I realised that this won’t make me happy. Watching my son look at the lights on the Christmas tree made me remember how much I did have to look forward to. Like cooking on Christmas eve while listening to carols with my two boys. Or watching Kiran open his gifts on Christmas morning. Or going to bed on New Year’s morning knowing that I have another year to look forward to with my husband and son.

Sometimes you just need to remember what matters… But at the same time going for drinks to celebrate my last day at work today ain’t gona hurt! 😉


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