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This is a post I wrote a year ago that’s been sitting in draft….

All my life I’ve been fascinated by the supernatural world. I love listening to stories about weird and wonderful things. As an Indian by upbringing has been steeped in the occult, that’s just the way we roll. I truly believe in this that can’t be seen or heard, the little goulies or ghosties, spirits, energies, whatever you want to call them. I think that there are things that exist that we can’t explain.

As kids my cousins and I used to freak each other out by telling each other ghost stories at midnight and then scare each other shitless. lol Then we wouldn’t be able to sleep and pretend that it was because we weren’t tired. I come from (or my family) a small town in Natal (South Africa) where a battle was fought many years ago. The dead soldiers were given paupers funerals and many years later the town was built aver these graves. Needless to say the town is filled with superstition and stories going back to those dead soldiers. One of those stories centers around the house my family grew up in. We grow believing that there was ‘something’ else in that house, something that didn’t have good intentions. Everyone, from the adults to the maids had claimed to have seen or felt or experienced something at one stage or another. So I grew up a bit paranoid.

You can imagine my reaction when I kept having weird experiences in parents home recently. One a week I pack up my son and we visit my parents. On three occasions upon driving into the yard I noticed a female at the corner of the house. All three times I assumed it was the domestic only to find out she wasn’t there. I put it down to exhaustion, the weather, it being dark, etc. Until Friday night that is.

My son and I were sleeping in my old bedroom, it must’ve been about two in the morning. The double bed is against the window so our heads face the window and feet face the door. It was a stifling hot night so I woke up to open up the window and let some air in. I move the curtains aside and as I start swinging the window open I see this girl thru the window just a few metres away! She’s standing in the yard, not too far from the window. I got quite a shock and immediately think that there’s an intruder or something in the yard! But in the split second that it took for me to open the window completely she’s gone. I put on the light and peer outside trying to see better. I called the dogs, who were on the other side of the house and they didn’t seem to find anything to I went back to bed.

My heart was beating really fast and it took me a while to fall asleep. Eventually I must’ve dosed of because I woke up again later on. The sun was just rising because there was some light in the room and the birds were chirping. My intention was to pull my son towards me and cover him up a bit so when I leaned over toward him I looked up and saw this very same girl standing on his side of the bed. OMG! I got the biggest fright of my life. I was caught between wanting to grab my son and rush out of the room and tearing this girl apart for invading our privacy. I ended up grabbing my son and screaming for my dad at the same time and she was gone again.

Just a side note, when I say ‘girl’ I use the term loosely. Because I keep seeing her in bad lighting, out of the corner of my eye, etc. I just sense that she’s a female. She seems feminine but I couldn’t tell you if she was tall or short or even had any hair. I know that she was dark in complexion and never faced me straight on, it’s more like she was always turned away from me slightly.

anyway, my parents woke up and I told them how freaked out I was. My mum lit the lamp (a brass lamp with oil that we use in prayers) and some lobaan (a strong smelling powder that is said to be cleansing) and we bundled of to her room. I couldn’t fall asleep because I was too afraid to close my eyes. I when I say afraid I mean true fear. If faced between something supernatural or an axe wielding murder I’d face the murderer any day! Purely because he is tangible, I can feel him, touch him, smell him. How do you fight the unknown? How do you fight your own imagination.

Also, I’m super paranoid about my son’s safety. Was she there for him? Why was she on his side of the bed? He’s a young soul, he can’t protect himself, that’s my job. Was she even real? I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My mum ‘cleansed’ the house and did a few other stuff to make us all feel better.



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