Food, Glorious Food


Food, probably one of my favourite topics in the world. I am definitely one of those people that find joy in food. No wonder I wear a jeans size that is probably not good for my frame lol I love eating it, preparing it, trying out new types of food, etc. And as an Indian food plays a huge role in my lifestyle and culture.

So, it comes as no surprise at how upset I got yesterday when someone judged me and my food. My team and I went out to watch the rugby at a restaurant for a team social. As I mentioned in my previous post, the vibe was awesome and everyone is in a good mood. Some of us got there pretty early so it was gona be a long night. The people on my end of the table ordered food and one of the managers was sitting with us, she had already eaten so she was just chatting.

Anyway, as our food arrives she takes a look at us and our plates and makes a comment about the quantity of food and ‘how can we possibly eat so much?” I felt an instantaneous loss of appetite. I literally felt sick. And it’s not the first time she’s said something like that. I’ve heard her say stuff like that on almost every occasion that involved food.

What is her problem? She’s certainly not paying for it so what’s the big deal? Is it the cost or is it the food itself? I just don’t understand where she’s coming from and its Really upsetting me. And I also don’t understand why I’m so upset. Is it the fact that she made me feel self conscious or uncomfortable? Do I actually eat too much? I’d like to ask her if she’s ever known what it feels like to go without food and see what she says, it’s probably an alien feeling to her.

Just thinking about it now is making me angry, almost teary eyed and I don’t understand my reaction. I know I need to calm down before I see her again or I’ll get emotional all over again. It’s driving me nuts.

Anyway, there’s no real point to this post, I just needed to vent. imagesD80OPI0O


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