Another “How to” Post

Come one, come all! Anyone seeking new friendships, step right this way!

Shew, that sounds desperate! But how the heck does one make friends these days? I used to be the type that made friends everywhere I go. For everything I did I had a group of friends to do it with. Some were shallow, ‘good time friends’, others were deep, ‘talk about my problems all night long’ friends, while still others ‘sit on my couch and do nothing’ friends. I had friends that I could call when in need or call when I’m friends. Friends that lived in other countries and our friendship was based on long email conversations. Then I had/have the circle of friends who where there when I through all my mile stones.

At every job I had or every party I went to I’d make at least one new friends. Somehow, over the years that’s stopped. Obviously I’m the one who changed, but how and why? Is it because I’m older? Have no time? No energy? Am I lazy? Or maybe I don’t meet enough people to make friends.

And I really do have a very good friendship circle, should I just be happy with them? My woes sound very insignificant compared to other things going on this world but to me it signifies a change in my life that I don’t like and can’t control.

The ability to meet new people and make new friends has been one that I’ve enjoyed. It’s part of my personality, it’s who I am. If I’m not that anymore, what else about me has changed without me being aware of it. Oh, and just for the record, I’m totally unaware of anything, self or not.

Anyway, I like connecting with people and it’s been so long since I’ve made a connection with someone that I feel like something is missing.


3 thoughts on “Another “How to” Post

  1. Personally, I have very few friends. Better a few real friends than many pretenders. Im happy with it that way.

    I think here on wordpress the trick is to like other people’s articles and to follow their blogs (if you really like them). Moreover, publish something often, maybe add pictures to draw more attention and put some tags (look into the reader to see which tags have a lot of traffic (but maybe not too much, so your posts don’t drown completely).

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