What is a “passion”?

I’m each of us has heard the words ‘passion’ or ‘passionate’ being thrown about both in the personal space and work space. In my case I’m thinking of the work space. I was recently told that until I find what out what I’m passionate about I won’t really be happy in my job. I know that’s true of course and some people are lucky to have that but how did they find out what they were actually passionate about? Or are they lying to themselves?

I actually think that I have the potential to be passionate about a lot of things, I just haven’t found out what that is yet. I do know what I don’t like, finance, numbers, accounting, you get the idea. And lo and behold, here I am, working for one of the biggest auditing firms in the world. What am I doing here I often ask myself. I’m here to earn a salary, that’s the end of it.

I actually don’t particularly like it. I love my team, the people that I work with keep me here but I don’t like the industry or what I do. Mind you, I’m an Executive Assistant, so I at least have some variety in my work day but that’s about it. I could do this job in any industry.

But do I really want to be doing the same thing 10 years from now? We PA’s and EA’s have no respect from our colleagues. They think we’re stupid or have no ambition. They think that they can do our jobs with their eyes closed. It’s not a good work environment let me tell you. We pretend that it doesn’t matter and that we don’t care but we actually really do. Our job dictates that we don’t allow that type of stuff to bother us.

So how do I find this job that I’m going to ‘passionate’ about? And once I do find it, what guarantee do I have that I’ll actually get the job? Maybe it’s just easier to roll over, makes ends meet and accept the fact that some of us are not destined to change the world.

The reason I’m having these musings is because I went for an interview this morning. Same position that I’m in now, less work, more money and not in the accounting or financial industry. It is in an industry in which I think I could enjoy. I’m all about people and this is definitely that type of company. Dare I try and grow out of my role into something else? Or do I safe in my position and just moving companies? I’m getting too old to pander to people’s tantrums and that’s basically what I do for 50% of my day.

On one hand I’m hoping to get this job just to test out my theory. On the other hand I’m hoping that I don’t so that I can stay in my safe zone. What the hell is wrong with me? I really want to ‘settle down’ and find my passion but am I sabotaging myself? And if I am, how do I stop?

This blog probably reads as very confusing because I’ve written as the thoughts came to me. I actually don’t know what to think now that I think about it. Sigh….


5 thoughts on “What is a “passion”?

  1. Not sure passion is what should be in the workplace. Maybe it is better to have a certain distance. Attatchment creates suffering, as the Buddhists have it (that idea is also in the word passion which originally means suffering). Changing position might be a good idea (only you can judge that) but maybe such a decission should be done with a cool head, without too much passion involved.

    1. One I’ve never been gifted with is a cool head. I’m too emotional and can’t step back and accurately assess the situation. I’m either miserable or ecstatic and that’s where my problem likes. I shall work on it though 🙂

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