I just read some of my previous posts and I’m quite shocked at what I wrote. Turns out I’m not as boring and I think I am. Or Was. Or is? I dunno, but reading what was happening to be a year ago was highly entertaining. Feels like I’ve changed so much but I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m a good writer. What happened to me?

That’s a question I ask myself often. Is it age? Being a wife? Being a mother? Work? Or all of those things together that have made me so serious and boring? I used to have so much of fun. Now there’s not time or money for fun it seems. I need to somehow lock onto the Ricari of the past and try and channel her energy.

The past Ricari didn’t just tumble into bed exhausted every evening. No way, she put on some music and jived while cooking a good meal. She invited friends over for wine on a Tuesday. She spent an hour crawling on the floor with her son. She shaved and put on lingerie. She blow dryed her hair and maintained her highlights. She wore heels and silk blouses to work. She sexted her husband. She drank cocktails with her bestie. She played cricket with her nephew. She went on bike rides with her nieces. She had fun damnit!

What’s happened to me? I’m boring and old! And I’m only 31. I need to catch a wake up.


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