Taking advantage

You think you know someone… How many times have you said that to yourself? Well I just did and I’m really pee’d of. I have this one friend, I’ve known him for many years however we’ve never actually met. We came into contact eons ago via some social networking platform. We started of flirting and then settled down into a comfortable friendship. I enjoyed speaking to him and he was always good for my ego. Over the years we’ve settled into a “happy birthday” or “happy new year” kind of relationship. You know the type, where you are still friends but only take the time out to chat on special occasions? And he usually comes to me when something’s bothering him.

He started a business a little while back and I’ve done my assist where possible. I pass on his ads and specials and I share anything I can about it. He sells all sorts of marketing stuff, t-shirts, mugs, etc. He recently told me that he has now starting selling imported clothes. He sent me pics and I was interested in a jacket. I asked how much it was priced at and about colours, he responded. It was a lot more than I could afford so I thanked him politely and didn’t pursue it.

Imagine my surprise when he msgs me yesterday to say that my order is on its way. What order I ask? My memory is terrible but surely it isn’t that bad? Apparently my jacket is on the way. But I didn’t order it? He insists that I did. If I did, what size did I order it in and what colour did I choose? He responds by saying why am I “being like this”. What?! So now I’m being unreasonable am I?

I demand an explanation and his response is something along the lines of his business isn’t doing well and he’s trying to take as many orders as possible to make some money. I was speechless. So in order to make money he takes advantage of his friends and tries to force them to make purchases they can’t afford? Then he goes on to say that if the jacket doesn’t fit me I can always give it to a friend as a gift and order one that’s my side. Bloody hell!

I’m so angry I’ve just ignored him. He’s tried messaging me on Whatsapp, BBM and FB and I don’t even want to read them. How can he possibly want to take advantage of like that? I wonder if he’s done this to anyone else? Am I justified in being upset?

This is just another example of why I have limited trust in people, they always seem to screw you over!


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