The dating game

At the age of 30 I can sum up my love life to two serious relationships. I’ve had lots of boyfriends and been on loads of dates but I’ve only had two committed relationships. One of which I’m still in at the moment! I’ve been married for 5 years and I’ve been with my Hubby for 11 years so needless to say I’ve been out of the dating game for quite a while so I have no idea how things work these days. So when my best friend came over to tell me her woes of the land of dating I had no idea what advice to give her!

She’s been seeing a guy a few a weeks and despite being my age she’s never been in a serious relationship so this is all new to her. She asked how I felt when I was in this stage of my relationship and I honestly remember loving it. The excitement and anticipation or getting to know someone knew. Waiting eagerly for each text or email or phone call and wondering if he’s thinking about you. I remember agonizing for days before going on a date and planning what I was going to wear to the last detail. It was so exhilarating! And then the agony of the first kiss and the awkwardness after lol. Looking back it was actually quite funny but I had lots of fun.

Hubby was the classic romantic type of guy. He’d have flowers for me every time he saw me and always paid for out dates. We could speak for hours on the phone and we ran up pretty high phone bills. He would send me a poem every so often and I remember getting this little thrill every time his name popped up on by phone. I would relate every single part of out conversations with my besties and we’d dissect every word of whatever he said. It was like a drug, I was on a constant high.

Does this still happen or has the age of connectivity sucked all the mystery out? Back in my day (ha ha ha) you had mobiles so you could text or email but that was about it, there was no FB or Whatsapp or BBM. My boyfriends would call me on the landline because it was cheaper and my sisters and I would rush to the phone every time it rang hoping it was for us. If the phone was in the living area you were screwed for privacy because usually the whole family would listen and you definitely didn’t want your dad listening to you flirt with your boyfriend!

My friend kept complaining about how awkward it is to get anywhere cos apparently we’re at the age where its no longer acceptable to ‘ask someone out’ as in ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ so people just end dancing around that subject because there’s no easy way to bring it up. And saying anything via text is also considered childish although I find that method much easier to communicate! I can’t imagine how difficult this whole dating thing must be.

I’m just glad that I’m all over it. I may no longer that thrill of the first few months with someone but at least I know I can lie on the couch in my fuzzy pj’s with my mismatched underwear watching Harry Potter in peace with fear of being judged or wondering if he really ‘likes’ me!

Any advice from the singles out there?


7 thoughts on “The dating game

  1. Dude, don’t even get me started with dating in today’s day… I make sure I stay away from FB and any other social media platform, because as soon as things go sour then the WHOLE world knows about it. I don’t mind whatsapp. It makes things interesting, just like smses did back in the day. Phone calls are waaay expensive these days. So a lunch time call from Him is always appreciated. 😉

    As for the rest… meh… each person has their likes and dislikes and preferences.

  2. I’m thinking of a Cher song now. Dark lady.
    Leave this place – dating when you’re older is filled with many holes. More so than when you were young. Still, if the dude’s worth it, why does she not ask him to be her guy?

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