15 minutes of fame

Lights, camera, action!! So Stitch and I are famous! Well, no, not famous but we’re something that hopefully plenty of people will see! A few weeks ago I was on Sister Lilian’s FB page (for those of you who don’t know she’s a popular midwife with her own magazine, TV show, baby products, blogs, etc.) and I saw them running a kind of competition. They were shooting a DVD and need women at various stages of pregnancy and with new borns. They requested that you send a picture of yourself if you wanted to be in on it. I figured, what the heck, Stitch is so cute I might as well try. So I sent them a picture of myself and Stitch hoping that they’d fall in love with his gorgeous smile. Two days later I received a call wanting to know if I was still interested, yep yep yep!

A week later Mum, Stitch and I found ourselves at a conference centre in Randburg dressed in our best and looking to shine. Basically they were shooting a 10 min DVD sponsored by a skincare range educating women on how look after their skin during and after pregnancy as well as that of their babies. The plus side was that we got to meet Sister Lilian and ask her any questions we may have. I love this woman, her books and advice have helped me on many occasions. 

Along with myself and Kiran there was another mum and baby and 3 ladies in various stages of pregnancy. The day was lots of fun, I got my make up done, we were in a beautiful setting and it was something I’d never done before. And I realized that show business is tough! For a 10 min DVD we were busy for the entire day. They had to shoot from all angles and to my embarrassment the focus was on the mum’s more than the babies! I was incredibly shy, something I’m definitely not associated with! But when there are a team of people pointing mike’s, cameras and lights directly on you it’s a bit fluttering. I didn’t cock up too badly though I’m pleased to say. 

Originally we were only part of one shoot but we ended up being in 5! Stitch was on his best behavior and he engaged well with the others. He smiled at all the right times and he gurgled and chatted and generally made himself very lovable. There was one part where I lay him on the bed and just chatted in between shoots and the producer enjoyed our interaction so much that they started filming us. It was weird because usually those moments are quite private, I spend a lot of time kissing and playing and chatting with Stitch when we’re alone so to have an audience was disconcerting but it came naturally to both of us. 

At the end of the day the producer suggested that Stitch and I join an agency and get into the industry. Apparently we both have ‘stage presence’ and she thinks we’d be successful. I must say, it’s an intriguing idea, but I’m not sure if it’s what I want for Stitch. Plus, I have a full tome job, how on earth would I go for auditions? Hubby says I should think about it buts since I don’t know anyone in the industry I can’t make a decision. 

If there’s any actors out there, won’t you give me your opinion please? 


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