Pre-labour adventures

Ever try to push your stomach right out to see how far it could go? No? We’ll try it, right now. It’s uncomfortable right? Couple that feeling with back ache and that’s pretty much how pregnancy feels. Being pregnant feels like losing your mind while eating the best tasting chocolate you’ll ever have on a roller coaster that does 20 flips and takes you up into the clouds where you feel the rush of the wind blowing through your hair and scaring the crap out of you at the same time! That’s what it felt like for me anyway… 

So my due date was the 29th of Jan. By the 26th of Dec my gynae told me to be ready at anytime. Our little bundle, Stitch as I like to call him, was ready to go. His position was perfect and so was his weight. My body was also starting to prepare itself for his arrival. I was feeling optimistic because by then I was pretty tired of being pregnant. I had gone from comfortable and glowing to huge and hot and grumpy. 

At 38 weeks by mid wife kept telling me ‘Any day now.’ I spent hours on Google checking out signs of labour and for tips on how to jump start the labour process. My husband actually scolded my once and made me promise to calm down. I was literally getting bigger everyday. Stitch was moving a lot so I was enjoying feeling him and his company made everything else ok but I could feel him get more and more crowded. My ribs got jabbed every other minute of the day and there were times where I could actually see him moving if I looked at my tummy. 

By 38 weeks, mid Jan, I had stopped sleeping and I lost my appetite. My tummy was still growing but I was losing weight. I was showing symptoms of going into labour but I learnt that prelabour literally could takes hours, days or weeks. I had a bit of false contractions and I just got more and more frustrated, I wanted it over with, I wanted this baby out already!

I had chosen to go the all natural route. There’s a maternity hospital on Rosebank that caters for women who’d prefer to have drug free births. I had a gynae but mostly I was looked after my a mid wife. This option has its pro’s and cons and the biggest down side is that you don’t have regular scans so we didn’t know how big baby was getting. The gynae estimated he’d be born at 3.2 kgs so I figured I was probably just being a drama queen and needed to stick it out. 

My dude date arrived and no baby yet. By this time I was ready to give him an eviction notice but my mid wife said that nothing can be done till at least 42 weeks. The thought of waiting 2 more weeks made my wants to throw myself on the bed and cry hysterically. Why wouldn’t it end?!

Then one morning I woke up and I was unsettled. Another sleepless night had passed but this time I barely felt Stitch move. By this time I was used to his little kicks and punches. I knew when he was asleep or awake. So I knew that this wasn’t normal. I had been experiencing nausea and diarrhea for a few days so I worried that he wasn’t getting enough nutrition. By this time the midwife had suggested an induction for a week after my due date but that was a long time to wait. 

I messaged her to tell her about ny worries and she sends me a msg back to say she doesn’t know what to do with me! First I complain about the vomiting and now this. She goes on to say that if I want to be induced i’ll just have to wait. I lost it a bit with her. I’m worried about my baby and I’m looking for advice and she’s lecturing me about this crap! I took matters into my own hands and booked a scan for the same afternoon.

The scan showed him still moving and having a strong heart beat but he had very little amniotic fluid and his weight was around 3.4 kgs. I phoned the mid wife who spoke to my gynae and he agreed that if I was worried they’d push the induction up to two days later. I was definitely relieved. 

Soon all of this would be over and I’d be lying with my beautiful baby boy in my arms. I envisioned a contented me looking lovingly down while he suckled at my breast with my husband proudly and protectively standing next to us. I definitely read way too much fantasy!! But the end of my pregnancy was at hand and labour was about to begin…


To Be Continued… 





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