Catch Up

So here I am, in my cosy little flat on a sunday afternoon and it seems like I’ve emerged from a fog. A fog that’s lasted 4 months! There’s a humidifier slowly humming next to me, I think I’m sitting on a bottle of Infant panado drops, on my side table is an assortment of ointments, medications and bum creams. Oh yes, and I’ve got a 6 week old little boy sleeping on my shoulder! 


Talk about change! I can’t remember when I last blogged but it must have been before I went on maternity leave. I’ve been on a life changing roller coaster of a journey since then so I’ve got a lot to say. I’ll have to spread it out since I very rarely get free time to do anything but I’m definitely going to try my best to blog, I need to get all these pent up feelings out somehow! Lucky I can blog on my phone now! 


I hope all my adoring fans (ha ha ha ha, i’ve become delusional as well!) are all ok. I’ve missed this community but now that I’m becoming human again i’ll catch up with everyone and start interacting again. 


I may not always comment but I’m definitely reading! Look out world, here I come! (albeit very slowly) 😉 


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