Family Ties

Seeing as it’s the season to be jolly I thought I’d write a post about family and My family specifically, who are really getting on my nerves recently. What better way to remind myself why I love them than by blogging about how awesome they are?

So I am the youngest of 3 sisters. There’s a 6 and 12 year gap between myself and my sisters so I’ve literally always been the ‘baby’ of the family. And yes, I’m spoilt ;). As with all siblings my sisters and I never saw eye to eye for a very long time. Both of them stayed with my grandparents so for the first half of my life I was an only child! Then both of them finished school and came home to study and tore my world apart lol. Having three 3 teenagers in the house was not easy and I felt sorry for my poor dad!

I remember many a Saturday morning where we’d wake up late and laze in bed talking, laughing and teasing each other. In between there’d be little wrestling matches and scuffles. Two of us would gang up on another, pin her down and pull down her pajama bottoms! Ha ha ha either that would send us of into a fight or a fit of laughter. Then we’d all wake up and go squeeze in by my parents. At the time I didn’t fully appreciate how much those moments would come to mean to me.

Eventually we grew out of that though and as we all became adults or relationship started changing. We were able to bond because the age gap didn’t make such a big difference anymore. All three of us got married and my sisters had kids and all the husbands get on famously which made things even easier. In recent years my sisters have become my rock.

At the same time my relationship with my parents were also changing and things smoothed out a bit. We still have our tiffs, especially my mum and I but I finally understand them and their actions a bit more now.

As much as we get on each other’s nerves I can finally appreciate the fact that no matter what’s going on in my life I always have someone to turn to if I need help. Aside from my husband they are my ‘go-to’ people. You know, whenever something happens, good or bad, they are the first ones I call. Whether I need to cry or share exciting news or just moan I can call either of my sisters or my mum and I’ll always have them listen. If I’m in trouble they’d come to the rescue and if I need direction I can go to them to steer me the right way.

Sometimes I need to remind myself that even though we have a difference of a opinions and we argue a lot that shouldn’t affect how we feel about each other. Family should always be able to depend on each other and I want mine to feel that way about me.

Now that Beetlejuice is on the way my family have been there for me more than ever before. I’ve had three experienced ears to talk to and three shoulders to cry on. They’ve helped us out both emotionally and financially. And I think it’s because of them that I’m not as stressed as I could’ve have been. It’s been so reassuring having them around and even though we look at pregnancy and labour differently at the end of the day we’re all just trying to make sure that Beetlejuice is ok. And that’s what family is about.


4 thoughts on “Family Ties

  1. Yeah, where would we all be without our families? 🙂 Great post Ricari. Btw, when do you go on maternity leave? Sorry, would have asked over BBM, but my phone is F**ked again.

    1. It’s cool! I go on leave from 10 Jan on maternity leave, it seems like forever but lucky I have the two week break now it December! Are you leave for the festive period?

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