Jingel bells

It’s that time of the year again. The malls are playing Christmas carols and decorated brightly with tinsel and Christmas baubles. The sales have already started and there’s a buzz of excitement in the air. Year end functions have started and people in every industry are throwing away their reputations from all the free booze provided. People are starting to look up and wonder where the year went

I for one absolutely love this time of the year. I hate the shopping and how full the malls are but I love that feeling of joy in the air. There’s so much to look forward to. For those that have had a bad year you can put the year behind you and look forward to a fresh start. If it was a good year you can reflect on all the events of the year and hope that the upcoming one will be even better.

When I look back at the year it’s been one full of up’s and downs. I lost my job in Feb and I was at home for 5 months trying to find another one. Ironically enough it was during this period that I fell pregnant. I finally found a temp job and a week into the new job I found out that I was expecting, and I was already 14 weeks along! Lucky they made me permanent even though I wouldn’t be here for very long till I go on maternity leave. Then I received another blow in terms of salary, getting paid a lot less than I was used to meant that we can’t get a bigger car or bigger place. That brought on a whole new train of stress. The upside though, has been that I’ve had a perfectly healthy pregnancy and that I have a job to come back to. The down side is that we’re going to be in a lot of debt for the next few years.

Next year I’m looking forward to meeting my son and settling into motherhood. We’ll have to make our finances work for us and live as best as possible. Things will be a bit tight but we have so much to be thankful for. I’m just hoping that next year is a more stable year than this one was!

In other news Beetlejuice is now 1.5 kgs. I went for a check up and a scan on Saturday and all is well with both of us. He wasn’t feeling very sociable for the scan so the best we could get was a picture with him giving us a big fat yawn. Lol I have only picked up 2 kgs in 5 weeks, awesome news! Hopefully my weight gain doesn’t increase too much in this last trimester.

My sisters threw me a baby shower on Saturday and that was fun. I received lots of clothes for baby, he’ll be dressing well at least. He he he It was nice to see how many people are invested in the happiness of Beetlejuice. And that’s another reason why this time is of the year is so significant right now. It’ll be our last Christmas before our lives change dramatically and there’s a lot of planning and reflecting to do.

 Years from now I’ll look back at December 2013 and remember how it felt to be on the brink of something big and powerful.


8 thoughts on “Jingel bells

  1. You are indeed on the brink of something completely life changing Ric.
    And you’ll love it! Don’t worry about money – it will happen as and when it must, just enjoy the feelings each day as they come.

  2. When is your expected date of arrival? I think our Christmas will be low-key this year. One son and entourage will be overseas, the other has also spent much money on a home improvement and the pending sale of my flat has collapsed for now. As long as we’re all healthy, all’s well.

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