The joys of youth

While faffing about on Facebook the other day I found an 80’s page. It’s a page dedicated to all things 80’s. I was born in the 80’s so a few things I couldn’t remember however there lots of things that brought a feeling of nostalgia and longing so strong I almost cried. Old songs, toys, movies, cartoons, etc all made me think of when I was young and carefree.

I remember when the biggest worry in my life was washing dishes. Why is that the young want to grow up and the old want to be young? I remember people telling me that I should be happy with being a child and I was a non-believer but now I look back and I see how right they were.

I had an ok childhood. We had things tough but I got all things I needed at the end of the day and I have some good memories. I remember spending time lying in front of the TV watching He-Man, the City of Gold or A-Team and then running outside to re-enact the latest episode. My mum would scream at me when I tried to ‘karate kid’ my cousin or ‘fly’ of the top of the roof. Many a time I’d walk in the door with scraped legs or elbows, mud in my hair and stains that would never come of my shorts.

Gosh, I was so innocent! The troubles of the world never made an appearance in my little circle and things were good. I was oblivious to how harsh life could be and I have my mum to thank for that. She made sure I stayed a child for as long as possible and that my ‘growing up’ was balanced. I have no idea how she got it right!

I don’t really remember how I became an ‘adult’. Up until very recently I didn’t feel grown up or responsible at all. I guess things change without you even knowing it. One day you’re riding you bike with your friends down the road and the next you’re paying rent and figuring out a budget to live. At one moment you can be falling asleep on your mum’s lap and the next you can be taking her shopping for your own baby.

And the best part? I’m not even 30 yet! I wonder how I’ll feel 10 years from now. Will I look back at 20’s and wonder where they went and how things changed? Will I better or worse off than I am now? I just hope that wherever I am I’m happy.


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