As big as a 1 bedroom house

The other day I was complaining to Hubby about how big I’ve gotten. ‘I feel as big as a house!’ I wailed to him. He looks at me thoughtfully and then replies oh-so-serious “You’re just a one bedroom then”. Lol he’s lucky I was in one of my better moods cos I burst out laughing. Since then I’ve progressed to a 3 bedroom!

But how I feel and how I look are two different things. I don’t look pregnant. EVERYONE keeps telling me this and you’d think it’s a good thing right? Wrong! The one time in my life when I’m allowed to have a tummy I don’t get it right! I mean, I want the whole world to know that I’m expecting and I’m proud of it. It’s just my luck that I don’t look preggies at all. It’s so disappointing. I just look fat then. My clothes don’t fit anymore so my tummy has stretched, just not enough for people to approve of apparently.

What makes it worse is that because I don’t look pregnant people think I don’t feel it. I still get the back aches and headaches and swollen ankles. I still can’t move very quickly and I get tired and irritable and moody. You may not see it but there’s a 1.2 kg baby in my tummy right now that wiggles and twists and kicks and thumps at me all day. I have constant heart burn and neck ache and all I want to do is keel over and pass out sometimes. I’m hot and sweaty and puffy all the time. But because I don’t Look pregnant then there’s no reason for me to be feeling all of this! How unfair is that?

I suppose I’ve been very lucky. I’ve seen some women who swell up and change colour. My sister’s nose got so big that all you could see was nose on her! Lmao My other sisters butt took on a personality of it’s during her last trimester and wearing any sort of pants was a no-no for her. I haven’t had any nausea or cravings or any of the usual sufferings and I’ve actually been pretty happy and healthy so I should stop complaining. I just get so… I dunno, insulted I guess, when people are shocked at how far along I am. It’s like there’s a certain mould that a pregnant woman should fit into and I don’t cut it. It’s hurtful in a weird way and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I suppose I should just grin and bear it, it’ll all be over soon anyway.


6 thoughts on “As big as a 1 bedroom house

  1. We just heard another lady at the office is pregnant, she is 8 weeks and is showing already… she is gonna be huuuge. Just think, soon you’ll be thin, because the breastfeeding apparently helps with the losing of weight although I am not speaking from personal experience. Btw, have you two thought of names yet??

    1. Oh, I haven’t considered myself as ‘thin’ for a very long time! lol and yes, I’ve heard all about the benefits of breast feeding, I intend on ‘millking’ if for as long as I can! ha ha ha

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