What a surprise!

After my last post I received a lot of positive feedback on my blog and blogging in general. I was reminded of why blogging is such a popular form of writing and why I enjoy it so much. Aside from being given the opportunity to write about absolutely anything I also get to interact with literally a universe full of people. People I would never usually have the opportunity to brush worlds with. That alone makes blogging worth it. I have been lucky enough to have had no trolls or bad experiences on these forums so it’s all been pretty good for me. Also, ironically enough, I gained quite a few more followers from my previous post, all from readers that again, I would never usually have come across. So thank you to everyone who read my post and motivated me to keep blogging, I appreciate the response I received and am grateful for the input J.


On to other things… So on Saturday I went to a gynae and got a check up. I’ve been struggling to find one I like, I had such a bad experience recently that I’ve become very cautious. Anyway, this gynae is a genius and I love him! I definitely trust him with delivering my baba. But aside from that we received the biggest shock, we asked him to confirm baby’s sex. The last gynae told us there’s a 60% chance that we’re having a girl and in his 17 years of practicing he was only wrong about the sex once. I thought those were pretty good odds so I took that to be true. Imagine our surprise when the new gynae tells us we’re having a boy! And he quad tripled checked for us, we looked at this poor organ for about 10 minutes and from different angles until I was accepting of it. To be honest I really wanted a boy and my husband wanted a girl but now we need to change our thought processes. Lucky we haven’t bought anything! It’s been weird thinking of her as him but I’m quite pleased with the results. In my mind boys are just easier to look after and plan for, or does it not really make a difference? I don’t have to worry about crushing the pill and smuggling into his coffee every morning! Lol

 And when I spread the word we got so many congratulations from males. I was actually surprised but it looks like that (within the Indian culture at least) boys are the preferred choice. Within our culture the first born son usually looks after the parents and does all our prayers and supports the family more than the other siblings. Times have certainly changed of course but it looks like that way of thinking is still predominant. I’d prefer to look after myself thank you very much, instead of living with my daughter-in-law and I most certainly do not want to rely on any of my kids to support me financially. I also don’t want to grow up a spoilt brat who runs to his mother for everything and gets called a ‘mummy’s boy’. My boy should be intelligent and independent and respectful of woman and love his mum to bits without having his wife hate him for it. Lol Indian boys tend to be rather spoilt and are put up on pedestals. While a girl child is taught to cook and clean and run after the males at an early age the boys are taught that they deserve to be waited on hand and foot. This is a generalisation of course but my male cousins are all pretty spoilt. They can’t believe that my husband washes dishes and cooks! And my female family members are also happy in that mould. They are astonished at the fact that I can get my own car serviced, buy car parts and drive at night alone. Helllooo! I’m a female, not handicapped!

 All of this has certainly got me thinking. How does one raise a sociably responsible adult in this day and age. How do I make sure that he grows up to be an ‘honest, decent’ young man? His dad will be a good example for him but with the influences of my family, friends and society in general I think I could be easy to miss that target. Any advice from the males and mothers out there?



5 thoughts on “What a surprise!

  1. I have a daughter and I am happy its a daughter. It probably depends a lot on culture, but I think boys are more difficult. Don’t spoil him or else you will get a little tyrant :-). A modern boy should learn how to cook, clean and things like that, he should not expect girls or women to do such things for him (at least that is my oppinion).

  2. Girl or boy – be happy it’s not twins!!
    As for how to raise a responsible adult, no earthly idea!
    But one thing I can impart with great wisdom – keep money as far away from the kid as possible. And don’t give in to whims. Bottom line. Don’t spoil him. Punish when it’s needed, praise when good is done, never put him down, and try and give him the tools he will need in life – independance, problem solving, knowledge, compassion.
    I don’t envy you this journey chickpea, even though it’s a brilliant journey. I’ve had my turn, time for the young lot to go through it 😉

  3. I have found my boys easy to bring up. They are now 40 and almost 40 and they’ve been very good to me once they became independent and working men. They have been used to doing things around the house and can turn their hands to anything. Bring up your son to be independent and you’ll reap the benefits when you need it. Well done on breaking the stereo-type!

  4. Congratulations!!! A boy it is then! WOW! I am so happy for you and hubby!

    I am not a mamma but I am sure your son will be all that and so much more, with awesome parents, he will be awesome too. 🙂

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