To blog or not to blog, that is the question

Recently I had some news to share (that I’m preggies, I just love saying it!) and I told a few close friends. One friend of my mine, who had heard via the grapevine, congratulated me on Facebook. I responded something along the lines of ‘so much for keeping it a secret’ to which he apologised profusely. My next comment was ‘I doubt anyone’s paying attention anyway so no big deal’. Ha! Yeah right! 10 minutes later I got a whole lot of notifications that people were most definitely paying attention. And for some reason I was really shocked. I have those few who respond to my posts, like my pictures, etc, so I know that they are paying attention but I assume that everyone else just bypasses my updates or doesn’t even see them.
I have the same theory about blogging. There are about a handful of people who I’m sure actually read my blog or browse through it. What about the other gazillion bloggers on this platform? In my mind they don’t even exist, and if they do I’m pretty sure they never ever see my blog. There are so many blogs with purpose out there. Blogs with pictures or about hobbies like cooking, travelling, etc. There’s the mommy blogs and intellectual blogs and the blogs about blogs. There are blogs about diets and thin people and fat people and people from different countries blogging about other countries. There are so many options out there while I on the other hand blog about nothing. I’m wondering about whether I should either stop blogging or start blogging with a theme?
The reason I started in the first place was to air out my frustrations. I wanted a platform where I was free to say whatever I wanted without hurting anyone’s feelings or wondering who’ll say what about what I have to say. I wanted to bitch and moan and off load without it effecting my friends and family, and mostly I wanted to do all of this about my friends and family. Weird, I know, but I just wanted a guilt free ranting session. I also fancied myself a bit of a writer but I discovered that I don’t have the guts to post anything there especially with soooo many good writers out there. I didn’t really expect much of a response to my ramblings but I’ve made a good few friends, ones that aren’t fake cos how can you be fake to someone you’ve never met before? But then we moved to this platform and all of a sudden everything became so much larger. There’s more Everything in here and after trying it out for a few months, losing interest and coming back again I wonder if I should just not just give it up entirely?


10 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog, that is the question

  1. I know how you feel, because I felt the same way. However, blogging is what keeps me sane and even if I only have five readers that’s okay. 🙂 This is your choice, but do what makes you happy 🙂

  2. I would just carry on blogging even if no one read my blog. Its a good way to just let things out, something that I don’t normally do. If you feel like that you’ve lost the “pleasure” from blogging then maybe you should stop, you can always start again in the future if you want

  3. Giving up blogging will be your choice entirely. And no matter how much bigger it is now, you can make new contacts – I have! you just need to be visible. read other people, they will read you, and, since it’s your blog, you can really use it to just bitch if that’s what you want – nobody says you HAVE to have a purposeful blog 😉
    I know mine certainly has no purpose, other than to keep me in contact with the outside world!

  4. Your “being preggers” is world-famous. So how can you consider stopping :-)?
    If you mostly blogged out of frustration than I view it as a good sign that you don’t write so often again. You don’t owe anything to anybody but there are some people out there (including myself) who enjoy what you are writing 🙂

  5. FB and blogging thank heavens = not the same – but I don’t share anything that should not be there on the public domain. On my blog there is somebody who reads me to find if there is a stick to beat me with and FB is just kind of a platform where I tell those who are interested what’s new and exciting in science / nature…

    1. yeah, there’s a big difference between FB and here, I can sort of let of a lot more steam here. Ihave to cautious of FB so I keep it pretty fickle there!

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