Loss of innocence

Where has all the innocence in the world gone? A few weekends ago the family went visit some extended family in our hometown. My nephew turned one so everyone (but me) went for the special occasion. At the moment I have 3 nephews and 3 nieces ranging from age 3 to 7 and when all of them are together entertainment is sure to follow. We usually get caught playing anything from guns and robbers to barbies and dress up, it’s always fun and I love the innocence of the games. So with this is mind I was quite shocked to find out what my two oldest nephews had gotten up to!


They were busy with someone’s Ipad, playing games, watching movies, the usual stuff, when one (Bright Spark) of them had the idea to go on to the internet and look up ‘sexy ladies’. The other one (Bumbler) agreed and went along with it because he was curious and wanted to know how to access the internet. Bright spark who had the idea in the first place is my cousin’s son and he isn’t monitored when he’s on the Ipad. Bumbler with it is my sister’s son and he has never been taught how to use the internet. Anyway, they go into the room, close the door and sit behind the bed. This suspicious behaviour immediately alerted my bro-in-law that mischief was afoot. When he went into the room Bright Spark clicked the back button in an attempt to hide their explorations but my bro-in-law caught on and went to the browser history. To his horror and relief they were indeed trying to access p0rn however they couldn’t spell what they were looking for so they never got any where! Lol


My bro-in-law gave them a stern talking to and put some fear into them and when he got back home called my cousin and told him what happened. Each one blamed the other and eventually Bright Spark confessed that someone at school had told him about ‘sexy ladies’ and he wasn’t quite sure what that meant. All Ipad’s, play stations, x-boxes and laptops have been taken away for the holidays for both of them and my cousin is setting up passwords, etc to prevent this from happening.


Needless to say all of us were quite shocked at this new development. How did they go from playing hide and seek to searching for p0rn? I know this sounds cliché but when  I was their age the opposite sex was still ‘gross’. Boys would chase us and pull our pony tails and make us cry, we definitely didn’t see them in any other way but irritating! We played hop scotch and stuck-in-the-mud and skipping. And mostly we didn’t have technology! I blame the advance of technology for the removal of my nephew’s innocence. Their parents should take the blame to. You can’t expect a child to be clever enough to use an Ipad without thinking of the repercussions of them actually using it. Although in their defence I doubt that they thought they’d have to deal with this for quite a few more years.


As if I wasn’t shocked enough my nephew has been very interested in the developments of my little one. He wants to know Everything. We’ve had to explain what terms like natural birth, caesarean, epidural, placenta, etc means. He wants to know exactly how many weeks baby is and how big she is. He asked his father to show him pictures of what a fetus in the 2nd trimester looks like and found a little note saying that the fetus can hear and recognise voices. He was quite upset that I didn’t tell him that baby could hear him so he’s started talking to her so that when she’s born she’ll immediately recognise her ‘brother’. He’s also quite afraid for me and the pain that I’ll be going through, so much so that he’s giving me he’s favourite teddy bear to take to the hospital with me. How’s that for a contradiction? The little boy who knows exactly what natural birth means is giving me his teddy bear to help me with my pain.


*sigh* I’m afraid of what life’s going to be like my little one is that age. Who know how much the world will change in the next 10 years. Guess I’ll just have to take it as it comes…


6 thoughts on “Loss of innocence

  1. Oh my word, the kids of today. 🙂 Although I am glad to hear your brother is putting some precautions in place, one can never be too safe.

    Hope your pregnancy is going well. Have you got a due date yet? When will you know the baby’s sex?

    1. Little rotters, I hope they learnt their lesson!

      And the due date is 29 Jan for now, still a while to go. The gynae says 60% chance I’m having a girl so for now I’m going with that!

  2. A difficult thing to shelter them from – sexy ladies. Something they’ll be inundated with before long – seems to be the only thing people want from the web!
    At least he’s somewhat worried about how you might feel – hope all is still going well 😉

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