The in’s and out’s of being preggers

So this whole being pregnant stint is no joke. Not that I ever thought it was but I don’t think I fully appreciated what being pregnant actually meant till now. I’ve heard all the stories and I’ve seen firsthand with my sisters what happens on the outside, but everything that happens on the inside is a whole different ball game. Take the fact that I run out of breath after a telephone conversation for example, before I could yak for hours, now I literally have to take a few deeps breaths so that my lungs can catch up. Or what about the fact that I am so full of gas even a hug is a bit risky at the moment.

On the outside I’ve noticed that I don’t have any ankles anymore. Goodbye ankle strap sandals and hello unsexy black pumps. I showed my swollen ankles to Hubby the other day and he looked me very seriously and responded ‘What ankles?’ He’s a very lucky man that I have a sense of humour!

Despite all the moaning though this is as about bad as I’ve had it. I was lucky enough to have gone through the whole first trimester totally oblivious so there was no nausea to speak of. I’ve had the usual aches and pains but I sleep like a rock, and not the rocks found in Mordor, the ones who get tossed around and used to bang swords, no I sleep like a Shire rock, someone could sit on me and I wouldn’t even know it. I also snore like a man but since I’m so fast asleep who cares? I’ve been told that I have that pregnancy ‘glow’ cos I don’t have any acne and my hair is looking shiny and good. I’m only in my 6th money so I may be speaking to soon but in general I think I’m looking pretty good.

Then there’s all the attention I’ve been getting. I’m not one of those people who get annoyed by the questions and the touching. I’m pretty affectionate in general so I appreciate that some people are just showing me the same thing, just in a different way. Although after getting used to males staring at my boobs for so many years it’s pretty disconcerting when their eyes go further down. Oh yes, the size of my breasts are definitely a negative. I’m already a bit overly blessed in that department so adding more is over kill! I feel like they’re popping out of all my clothes and I can’t wear anything with buttons anymore. Once of my friends saw me after a very long time and the first that that he said was ‘Whoa dude, I didn’t think they could get any bigger!”

Mum’s in particular are very understanding and sympathetic, it’s like I’ve now joined some secret club that I didn’t even know I wanted to be part of. I get lots of advice, both good and bad and I’ve taken what I can but I’ve mostly discarded alot. My favourite was someone who told me to drink half a bottle of liquid paraffin every day, yeah, I think I’ll pass on that one. My favourite advice is ‘just enjoy it’. Isn’t that good advice? I’m definitely gona pass that on.

Things that are happening on the inside are amazing. Feeling Beetlejuice (my nickname for her, don’t ask me why cos I don’t even know) kicking and moving is amazing. Sometimes I stop whatever I’m doing cos it’s hits me all over again- I have a little person growing in my tummy. The other day she gave me quite a shock though. I was sitting at my desk, immersed in work when all of a sudden I feel a strange sensation, not in tummy, further down south, much further. A few seconds later I feel it again. It was ticklish and slightly tingly and I almost burst out laughing. It’s almost as if she were stretching her little feet, she was so low down that I was sure her foot was going to pop right out! For the rest of the afternoon it carried on like that until I got home and lay on my side, after a little manoeuvring she moved back to her usual position. Apparently this is normal so I’m just going with it! Yesterday we had a huge milestone, Hubby had his head on tummy watching TV and starting humming. As soon as he stopped we both felt a little thump. He started up again and when he stopped the same thing happening. He was thrilled that he could finally feel her and that she was responding to her. I could see the excitement and for the next hour I had to deal with the two of them communicating with each other. I think it’s a turning point for him because she’s even more real for him now.

Oh ya, then there’s the increased libido. That’s definitely one of the better perks. Makes up for the aching back and stretch marks that I’ll probably get soon. And Hubby’s very happy about it! I’ve got 4 more months to go so I hope that it doesn’t die out anytime soon.

Sorry for all the rambling, I just want to share and document all these feelings so that I don’t forget how wonderful it all is. If anyone has advice and/or any stories for me please share, I’m very interested!


6 thoughts on “The in’s and out’s of being preggers

  1. Good to document the good things about the pregnancy Ric.
    As your advice gives told you – just enjoy it for the miracle it is. And get used to the melons – they stay there for a while 😉
    My one buddy that had almost no boobs – but after the birth they got a bit bigger. She reckoned that she’s going to keep on breastfeeding until the kid is 18 just to keep the boobs 😉

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