Of movies, books and rants

So yesterday I watched one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. It’s called Now You See Me. It’s basically about 4 magicians who are picked off the street and a year later they make it big. I don’t want to go into more detail but you have to watch it. There were plenty of twists, the actors were brilliant, there was humour and a bit of feeling here and there. There were no super heroes or aliens or humungous special effects which is what made the movie even better, it was filled with good old fashioned creativity. I thoroughly enjoyed it because it was a movie I’d blog about, that’s how awesome it was.

That thought took me along the lines of things that I would blog/Facebook/tweet or just talk about to my friends. How often have you read a book or heard a song or watched a movie where you thought to yourself “I just have to tell Soandso about this”? For me the list has been dwindling recently. And why is that? I think it’s probably because if there is an idea that can be written about someone’s probably put pen to paper. It’s like the world is repeating itself. I’ve got about 800 books on my kindle and I find myself going back to my old faithful, LOR, Louisa May Alcott, Stephen King, Enid Blyton. The same with movies, 300 movies on the hard drive and I’ll watch the old movies over and over.

Are we less easily entertained than before? Are ideas so huge these days that they have to be totally over the top to catch our attention? If that’s the case then will it end? I was watching a video of Nicky Manaj and it actually upset me. What’s wrong with Normal? Black hair, brown eyes, no added bum or boobs, just the way you were born. I understand the need to make yourself more attractive but surely there should be a limit. I compare her to someone like Celine Dion and I have to wonder where humanity went wrong. And let me not even start with Miley. I could rant about her silly tongue all day.

I’d just like to go back to a time where things were more simple. Where games were played outside, TV had morals and singers had talent. Where school taught you something and teachers weren’t in danger of being physically accosted, where your kids could go on camps and be safe, where a teenager’s birthday party involved cake not cocaine. Where the library was a place of wonder not boredom. When kryptonite was green and Clark Kent was a dork and Superman didn’t have to do odd jobs (don’t get me started on the new superman movie and how they changed the entire foundation of superman!). Where women were called ladies and not b!tches, when child stars didn’t grow up to be porn stars and the worst thing parents had to worry about was whether they were passing or smoking on the sly.

Ok, so this started off as review of a brilliant movie and ended us a rant, apologies for that people, I can’t help it! Lol


4 thoughts on “Of movies, books and rants

  1. It would indeed seem as if you’re growing up Ric 😉
    Times are indeed a changing, and there’s not much we can do about it other than to try and rais our kids with old fashioned values and manners.

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