They still exist!

My faith in humanity has been restored! After the really bad experience I had at my last company I have been a bit jaded. I lost all confidence in my self and people in general. I became cynical and started to believe that most people were just plain selfish. I’d rather keep company with my dogs and rabbit than some people I’ve worked with! But I am happy to say that I’ve gone back to my (generally) positive self!

I’ve been at my new company for about 6 weeks now and I’ve been hired as a temp. I was told that I should keep looking for a permanent position because this position will be for a long term temp. that’s a situation that I’m not comfortable, I want to a more solid commitment, from the company and to the company. I like to know where I’ll be a week and month from now. But I haven’t for any interviews since I started here and once I found out I was preggies I began to get very stressed out. As much as there shouldn’t be any issues with pregnancy how often does that make a difference in reality? I’ve been debating on when to tell them. Should I wait till I’m visible or should I just come out with it and hope they don’t tell me to hit the road? I want to be open and honest, it’s what I’d expect from them after all but at the same time I need to keep this job for as long as possible so that I can save.

Anyway, on Tuesday I plucked up the courage told the HR rep in our department. She was understanding and said she’d speak to my boss and get back to me. I was hoping that they would keep me on till I have to go on maternity leave at least, that was the best case scenario. Imagine my surprise and happiness when I get called into my bosses office a little while later that morning and told that they have considered my situation and my performance and they have decided to make my permanent! I was totally blown away! Not to mention relieved. My boss says that they would like to keep me and grow me and they want me to have some stability before I go on maternity leave so they’ll start the process of making me permanent as soon as possible.

I think my relief was visible because he then gave me the afternoon to ‘destress’ a bit. lol That night was the first really good sleep I had since I found out my news. To be honest I was expecting the total opposite reaction and I’m glad that they took my personality and performance into account when making the decision. I also appreciated the fact that they didn’t leave me hanging for days, they knew how important this was to me and they sorted it out as soon as they good.

the only stress left is the fact that I’m going to have to take unpaid leave because I’m still new in the company. I suppose this is the least of my worries because I can claim something from UIF but it’s still going to difficult. I’ll have to save as much as possible between now and Jan. I’ll also have to work for as long as possible but being uncomfortable is a small price to pay in my mind.

So my faith I the ‘good’ in people has been restored and I am able to sit back and relax and enjoy this time. I’m already at 20 weeks and today I felt the first kick! Oh, and there’s a 60% chance I’m having a girl. She was listening to here dad talking to her today and when he stopped she gave me a little thump in protest, it was amazing! At first I didn’t believe but then then started talking and when he kept quite she did again, I couldn’t ignore it that time! Eventually I had tell the both of them to settle down because I was taking the brunt of their excitement! he he he

So if you need a little motivation or you’re feeling a bit down just think of my story and that things do go right and when I’m feeling ungrateful or worried I’m going to come and read this post and try and harness all the positive feelings that I’m experiencing right now!


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