As fake as a cubic zirconia

In general I love meeting new people but at a new place of work I hate it. I suppose meeting people socially holds less pressure than a colleague in a work environment. It’s almost as if everyone you meet is not being the real them. When I started at my new job the first time I met people I got the usual “Welcome” and “You’re going to enjoy it here” or even better “Welcome to the family.” Seriously?

And then a few days later you hear about how crappy the company is or how they work you like a dog or how little they pay you. So much for ‘the family’. I try to tune those comments out, I don’t want other people’s negativity to affect me. Id rather experience everything for myself. lol

And I find myself being fake. Being all bubbly and enthusiastic. Telling everyone how simply marvellous it is to join their little family of 3000 people and laughing at stupid jokes. I hate it but I don’t know how else to act. it’s almost as if an alternate personality is activated. One that I’m aware of but cant’ switch of until I leave the office. Am I the only one that experiences this?

Onto other things. I’m home alone for the night. Hubby is gone for a bachelors and I skipped out on the bachelorettes but after being alone the whole day I should’ve gone. To make matters worse I just watched a horror movie and now I’ve creeped myself out! It was an awesome movie though, it’s called Rose Red, based on a novel by Stephen King. Four hours long but it’s a very good translation of his book. I’m not usually a scaredy cat but tonight I’m feeling very highly strung. And to make matters worse one of my neighbours has put up some wind chimes and I hear them when I go to bed.

And speaking of Stephen King, if I ever win the lotto I’m going to Maine. That’s cause freaky shit always happens in Maine according to Mr King. I wouldn’t stay there after dark though, heck no! I don’t wana get dragged through a sewer, stalked by a clown/spider, trapped in a spooky house, chased my a demon puppet or worse! lol I just wana say I’ve been there.

so now that I’ve talked the biggest bunch of crap I can manage and I’ve wasted as much time as I can I suppose I should put of the laptop and get into bed and read till I fall asleep. Have a good Women’s Day, Eid and long weekend!



6 thoughts on “As fake as a cubic zirconia

  1. I think Rose Red was a mini series. But read the book Rose Madder. A big reason why I don’t really watch Stephen King movies – some of the things he thinks out is way too horrible to have to see! Even though I love his books.
    As for the alternate personality – we do what we have to to fit in. Suppose we all do it to a certain extent – at least you’re working!

  2. Every now and again I try to to watch a scary movie but I’m never really successful at it. I get into about 30 minutes of it then I stop.
    As for the work colleagues, I think it’s hard to be your proper self because that could conflict and that’s the last thing you want at work

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