Hormones, Hormones, Everywhere!

Tears, anger, despair, frustration, irritation, happiness… All normal emotions, right? Except now I can feel all of them in one minute! Talk about emotional rollercoaster! Damn these pregnancy hormones. I can’t trust my feelings anymore. And the worst part is that I can’t control them like I’m used to. One minute I feel like a sexy beast the next minute I feel like a house. I’d be thinking about how good Hubby and I go together and then all of a sudden I’m convinced that he’s not attracted to me and that he’s checking out every woman who comes his way. And when I’m feeling this it doesn’t feel erratic at all. I feel sorry for him. Last night I couldn’t get enough of him and this morning I’m fighting with him for taking too long in the shower, after I’ve used it!

 Not to mention all the things that my friends and family keep telling me. I hear these horror stories  about I’m gona get bloated and my ankles are going to swell, my hair is going to get stringy and I’m going to feel like  a heater. Can you picture that! And I’m supposed to feel uncomfortable, lose sleep, have aches and pains and generally feel awful. Not exactly what I pictured my pregnancy to be like.

For once I’d like someone to tell me it’s going to be a wonderful experience and that I look beautiful, even a simple ‘good’ will do. I want my husband to find me sexy and my friends to tell me I ‘glow’. Most of all I want to feel all of this. I suppose I shouldn’t let their stories influence me but try telling that to my hormones!

Oh, and did I mention my need to pee every hour! My hat but it’s annoying! I wake up at least 3 times a night and end up getting cold and waking poor Cas up who think’s its morning and gets excited. Who, by the way made me feel all teary eyed when he did his little happy dance around my feel last night. I came into the room and he acted like he hadn’t seen me for years instead of just an hour. I grabbed him up and kissed and stroked and nuzzled him until he felt enough was enough and wiggled his way under the bed. And this is all before I can even feel a baby inside me!

I’ve decided that tomorrow I’m going to put on a sexy skirt, some pantyhose and my favourite boots, I’m gona put on some make up and jewellery and make myself look hot. That should make me feel better, even if it’s just for a while.

On the up side my hair and skin looks really good!



4 thoughts on “Hormones, Hormones, Everywhere!

  1. Ric, you will have the pregnancy you need to have. Some of them are easy, some are not. You will pick up weight, and you might have a few other things, but boy. The first time you feel the little one flutter inside you, all will be forgiven. Don’t mind what other people say – just absolutely cherish this experience to the fullest!
    You are creating a new life. It’s growing inside you as I type this. Every day a little bigger, a little more formed. Love it. Love the fact that you won’t have to worry about periods for the next 9 months or so! Love the fact that you are part of the miracle we call life.
    And, your husband will still love you – if he does not, send him this way – I’ll sort him out sharpish!

    1. Thank you for the positive words, so many people have the opposite to say. Now that the shock is over I’m in a much better place and I think my hormones are behaving a bit more these days

  2. Oh shame… those hormones are going to give you grief…

    You’ll feel the baby in no time and soon you will have to share him/her with the rest of the world… okay in a few months, but it goes by so fast. 🙂

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