Someone shake me!

Restless, frustrated, out of sorts, different, irritable… Every felt any of that? Well that’s how I feel right now. I feel like I could just burst out of my skin. I wana scream or have someone shake me, anything to stop this feeling. I feel like getting into my car and just driving and driving and driving. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Listen to some good music, watch the scenery go by. Sigh. I wish I could…

The reasons for how I’m feeling are pretty obvious. firstly, it’s from sitting at home all day with no stimulation. But more importantly it’s cos I’m waiting for some news. Yesterday I went for an interview, a Final interview. Let me just get across that this was the 4th interview and from the first time I was approached till now it’s been six weeks. I Really want this job, it’s perfect for me and I’ve been focusing all my energy on it.

After all this I finally meet the CEO of the company, just for 10 minutes tho but I left feeling very optimistic. He told me he liked me, and had a ‘good’ feeling about me and that I’m a ‘quality’ person. The problem is that he had one other candidate to interview, he liked me and would definitely hire me but couldn’t commit without having interviewed the other candidate. This is where my frustration comes in. He told me I’d hear from him really soon, which in my excitement I took as actually being really soon, like today. But now I realise his ‘really soon’ could be next week. Arggghhhh!!!! I could just die waiting. I know it sounds awful but I hope the other candidate bombs! I just know this job was meant for me!

Anyway, here I am, dying to do something, anything! Something fun, extreme, spontaneous, exciting, different, just Something! Is that too much to ask for? I’m seriously contemplating the drive but Hubby’s not really into it. He’s going through his own thing at the moment, he got bad news about a job he applied for and he’s been feeling quite sick this week. I suppose I should stop focusing on myself and try and get him out of this slump. He doesn’t deal well with any sort of stress or bad news so I usually have to be strong for the both of us.

Maybe I’ll just go for a walk….


2 thoughts on “Someone shake me!

  1. Hope the walk helped Ric.
    As for the job – I really hope you get it. Then you can arrange something for me 😉
    Staying strong – yes, that’s what you should do – he’s a good hubby 😉

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