Change is good, right?

I’ve always liked change, it keeps things exciting, interesting, vibrant. Not all change is good of course but I like things to keep moving. With age comes change and maturity, right?

Now back in my younger days (he he he) I was different from your average young Indian girl. My parents were pretty young at heart and allowed me to be me. I could have any hairstyle I wanted, I went from perms to spikes and from blue to red. I got to wear short skirts and get tattoos and have my nose pierced and go for sleep overs, etc. Compared to my cousins in Natal I was a wild child! But compared to the average female in Josie I was pretty tame. I think I had a good balance.

And most importantly I was definitely not boring! I had fun and always had a good story to tell and I had a good life. But now, all of a sudden, I’m called ‘mature’. WTF’s up with that? I invited my cousin and his wife over for lunch the other day and the subject came up. After we had eaten lunch Hubby was making Dom Pedro’s and I was cutting cheese cake when my cousin and I start talking about the “good ‘ol days”. We used to our do our fair share of partying and were known to get into trouble when we were together.

My cousin then proceeds to tell me how ‘mature’ and ‘tame’ I’ve become! ha! What! I gave him one of my trademark, over the top of my glasses stare, the one that’s shocked and shows that I think your IQ is very low. He then proceeds to explain exactly how unexciting my life is: Instead of buying pizza I was making curry, roti and salad for lunch. Instead of passing the ice cream container around with different spoons, I was making my own cheesecakes. Instead of popping beers we were making Dom Pedro’s.

So I learnt to cook, so what? He carries on: My hair was long, with no green, blue or purple in it or any hair products. My ear rings were simple and classy, my noise ring was a tiny diamond instead of a big blue heart. I had no chokers on my neck, I only had my wedding ring on, not heavy bangles or studded belts. My nails were the classic French paint, no metallic blues or shiny black. i.e Booooorrrring!!!

I literally took a step back to think about it. He made it seem like I was a wild child and while I did wear/use all of those things it wasn’t all at the same time. I was cool! so what happened? I ‘matured’, that’s what! And you know what? I like it! I still have fun, my life is still awesome and I still have balance.

My look has changed obviously and I’ve become more ‘mature’. So I’ve decided to lighten up a bit. Think I’m gona buy some dresses, tights, boots, etc. Maybe add some sparkle to my nails and pull out some of old jewellery. I’m sure I can bling up and not look like Madonna in the 80’s.

But I do like my domesticity and I do like my hair and I do like that I’d prefer to wake up 8 on a Saturday morning instead of going to bed from an all nighter on Friday. I like having other couples over for ‘tame’ lunches and baking cakes and having nice duvet covers. I like myself and I like my life.

I also like my cousin for bringing this to my attention!





2 thoughts on “Change is good, right?

  1. That’s what happens when you get older.
    Priorities change. Things are just not that important anymore.
    And it’s a good thing – enjoy the you you are now – in ten years time you will have changed even more 😉

  2. Everyone “matures” sometime in life, I don’t think you can keep up with that “craziness” all your life. Good on you for trying to get the mature/crazy balance 😉

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