This is what holidays are made of

What do men dressed in sparkly dresses, women in sparkly dresses and foreigners have in common? Long Street baby! The holiday in CPT was epic. It’s just what Hubby and I needed. He got to bond with his brothers and I got to look incredibly sexy in my new dress (insert fake modesty here).

After we attended the wedding and the reception a bunch of us went back to the hotel which we booked on Long St. It was pretty late but you wouldn’t say as much by all the activity on the road. It was like the whole street was alive, the atmosphere was brilliant and everyone was so inviting. We literally spent the entire night walking from one pub/bar/club to another. We made loads of friends and tried out new things.

The group of people I was with were fun and spontaneous and up for anything. It was one of those nights that we’ll talk about for years to come. The evening reminded me of when I was studying and how my friends I would go anywhere and just have fun. We met so many different types of people and had the type of experiences that mould your being. I know it sounds dramatic but it’s true. There was no seriousness and it was nice to talk to perfect strangers without having to wonder if they were gona pick pocket you or squeeze your ass or do something even creepier! If some guy bought me a drink I accepted, thanked him and had a good laugh of better conversation. Although I didn’t mind the creepy chick from the Ukraine who kept trying to kiss me on my neck but who knows, maybe that’s some sort of custom where she’s from! Lol  

There was one thing that baffled me though. A lot of males in CPT dress up as transvestites and some of them look pretty hot. What I don’t understand is this: If you’re a male, dressing up as a female that means you’re gay, right? Why then, would you hit on females? We went into this one club which were filled with lesbians, gays, transvestites and bisexuals so you didn’t really know what gender you were dealing with lol. The guys were thrilled because they were getting a lot of attention but I couldn’t understand why us females were getting hit on? Maybe someone can explain this to me? But all in all the night was a great confidence booster!

The next day we spent relaxing and sight-seeing. We had lunch at Cliffton beach and then cocktails at Camps Bay. The last day there we had breakfast with the bridal couple and then came back home. When we landed in O.R Tambo as we were exiting the plane the pilot asked me if I was interested in seeing how the plane worked and he let me into the cockpit (that sounds so nasty!) and I got to play around with the switches and take pics. It was so cool! Hubby had already left the plane so he didn’t get to see it and he wasn’t too pleased. Lol The pilot was so friendly, he said if I ever run into him while on the same flight he’ll let me see the plane in action and I could help him! I felt like a child again. Lol How cool was he?  I’m sure they do that to everyone but it was a nice experience none the less.

All in all it was a fabulous trip. We spent time with family and got to do some new things, an epic holiday was had by all.


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