Of old age and deep thoughts

On Wednesday 1 May 2013 I woke up to a mind blowing realisation. The next 12 months would the last 12 months that I would spend as a ’20 something’! I remember being so happy when I turned 20, I was saying goodbye to my teenage years and I was going into adulthood. I was excited and exhilarated and my entire life was stretched out before me. Tertiary, my first car, my first job, my own salary, holidays with my friends, boyfriends, first kisses, late nights, making new friends and so much more. The world was my oyster.

Now, 9 years later I can’t believe my 20’s are over. Where did it all go? I’ve never actually done this before. My birthday isn’t so much about aging but more about celebrating. I didn’t really care that I was a year older to me I had had another year of awesomeness behind me. This time around however  I took my age a little more seriously. For the first time I understood people who always asked the ‘what have I achieved?’ question. I always thought that that question was just opening a can of worms that would never close. In my opinion it’s not use comparing yourself to other people because not everyone is happy by the same things. What’s the point of beating yourself up over stuff you don’t have? Now I see it’s not that easy.

Like any normal woman I’m looking at my life and wondering where’s my flashy car, big house and happy, bouncing babies? Where’s that career I dreamed of? I don’t even have a job! Fcuk that! I have a roof over my head, a wonderful home that people love coming to. I have a wonderful husband who thinks that I’m God’s gift to men (he’s got a high IQ but he’s silly that way J ) and who adores me to death. I have a supportive family who I get along splendidly with and who make me whole. I have a bunch of friends who I care about and who care about me. I’ve had 29 years of fund and laughter, sad times and tears, anger and disappointment and my life hasn’t turned out at all like I had planned but it’s a brilliant life none the less. I have everything I need and my last year of being in my 20’s is going to be wonderful, why shouldn’t it?

Despite all this deep thinking I actually spent my birthday having one jol after another. Party number one was the night before my birthday. I went out for supper with a bunch of friends. One of my friends has a birthday the day before mines so we party together. After supper and cocktails we went back to his place. We danced and talked an laughed till 12:00 when we popped some champagne and my favourite day of the year started. I got home around 4:00 and slept till about 8:00. Party number three started when my family came over for lunch. Mum cooked breyani and my sisters came bearing gifts and wine and we all sat outside and had an awesome afternoon.

In the evening we commenced party number three at this pub down the road where I met up with a bunch  of friends. We had supper and of course more drinks and I spent the entire evening soaking up all the attention. I got a lot of gifts but my favourite was from Hubby. He bought me a bottle of my favourite perfume, Angel. I absolute love the scent but it’s bloody expensive and I could never never buy it for myself guilt free. When Hubby presented it to me I was ecstatic! One guy at the pub told me I smelt like rubies. I’m not sure what rubies smell like but it sounded exotic and he was hot so I went with it. Lol I was so happy with Hubby I went out and redeemed a birthday voucher at Temptations to tell him thank you 😉 He’s definitely loving 29 year old me!

So, here I am, 29 years old and rearing to go. Wish me luck guys!


4 thoughts on “Of old age and deep thoughts

  1. Wait till you turn 40 Ric – THE most liberating b day you will ever have 😉
    Glad fun was had by all, and that hubby of yours – keep him 🙂

  2. Belated happy birthday!
    This August I’ll turn 52. If I could be that young again 😉 However, compared to some people, I am still young. Last December, in Cameroon, I met Cardinal Tumi (one relative of my wife is bishop, so I am kind of well connected in the catholic church there) . The cardinal is over 80. He is afraid he will die before his mother. I met his mother as well. She is 115 and still looked quite healthy.
    So there IS life beyond the 20s 🙂
    The question “what have you achieved” is not very useful. It makes you look back. It is better to look ahead. What do you want to do with the rest of your life? I have also found that it is not very helpful to define your achievements in terms of material things. A good strategy might be to work on your education (not only with respect to your profession but also in general). This enhances your possibilities and choices, makes you more flexible, makes it easier to take opportunities and take new directions and it makes life more interesting in general by filling it with interesting content.

    1. wow, I can’t imagine being a 115 years old, I can barely manage being 29. thanks for the advice though, I;m definitely going to be looking forward. When I’m writing a blog when I’m 39 I’ll think back to this one and hopefully I’d have applied your advice

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