Happy days!

I’m soooo excited! Firstly because tomorrow evening I’m off to Cape Town for 3 days! My brother in law is getting married on Saturday so we had an excuse to visit the Mother city. Hubby left this morning already so he gets two whole days there. I tried to change my flight but Kulula is ridiculous, even though the flight I wanted to change to was cheaper I had to pay R800 more! What the hell is that about? I should have just booked with BA.

So in preparation for the wedding I went shopping yesterday and found the most glorious dress ever! It’s not a style I would have normally worn, it’s very tight fighting and a bit short but I’ve been feeling rather old and dowdy lately so I figured what the heck, let me go for it! I was going to wear a traditional sari but I’m not too good at draping them without the help of my mom so I decided to be safe and wear an easy dress. I’ve got pair of sheer, shiny pantyhose and nice heel to go with it. I can’t wait to put it on. There’s nothing like feeling sexy to lift a girls mood. I’m gona do my nails and hair, put on my brightest smile and thoroughly enjoy myself.

We’re staying on Long Street so after the reception we’re gona go and experience the night life on the street which is famous for being a party central. On Sunday is lunch with the family and then Hubby and I wana go to Table Mountain. Monday I think we’ll try Ratanga Junction and head back home in the evening.

The second reason I’m excited is cos Wednesday, the 1st of May is my Birthday!! Whoop whoop! On Tuesday it’s one of my best friend’s birthdays so we’re gona celebrate together by going out for supper with our friends and then we’ll probably go back to his place and party it up until it’s my birthday. On Wednesday I’ve got breakfast with a few other friends, spend the afternoon with the in-laws and then supper with the family.

I love my birthday so I’m really looking forward to it. Hubby has already started spoiling me, he usually gets me a few gifts and so far I’ve the Twilight DVD set and the trip to CPT. I think he should stop there but I know he’s got something up his sleeve, I can’t wait for my gift, whatever it is!

Tonight my bestie is staying over, we’re having a girls night with lots of wine and laughs so I’m officially starting of the weekend with a bang. I’ve decided that from today till the 2nd I am not going to worry or stress about the job situation. I’ll go back to normal after I’ve had my fun and try not to feel guilty about it. I think I deserve it! Happy birthday to me!



9 thoughts on “Happy days!

  1. Happy almost b day Ric 😉
    The Twilight DVD set? For real?
    Oh well, different strokes 😉
    HOpe hubby spoils you rotten, and that the weekend is a blast!!!

      1. Love story sure.
        Twilight? Ladyhawke is a love story. Lake house is a love story.
        As long as you enjoy them I suppose it’s all good 🙂

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