To give or not to give

So I’ve had yet another argument with my mum. I have a friend that I worked with, she’s really sweet and has had a tough life. I’m a pampered princess compared to her. We became friends while we worked together and when I left she bought a really nice gift and kept in touch. We don’t have much in common but for some reason we’re friends.

Anyway, she’s been going through a really rough time. She earns very little and she’s a single mother of two. After fighting for her kids she finally has them with her but the expense of school and looking after them is taking their toll on her. I chatted to her on BBM last night and she says she has R10 left till pay day! She never asked me for money, she just needed to vent and I have a no money-lending policy with friends but there’s not way I could ignore what she was going through. So I offered her some money, R200. It’s not a lot but it’ll tide her over till pay day.

I’m not lending it to her, I’m giving it to her and it’s cos I’m her friend. My mother hears me telling this to Hubby and lets me have it. About how I don’t have a job and I shouldn’t be so generous and people take advantage of me and I’m irresponsible, blah blah blah. I didn’t even bother to explain myself to her. She seems to think I have the brains of a monkey and the logic of a two year old. Would it kill her trust me, just once? Parents, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

On the up side interviews have been going well. I might be getting an offer if all goes well, the only problem is that I’m holding out for another job, one that I want with all my heart but the interview process is long and tedious. I’m afraid I might get the offer for the one job before the other one comes through and there’s not way I can down the job. Both have their pro’s and cons but I really want the second one. I suppose I’m worrying for nothing, I don’t even know if I’m getting either one, let alone both but I can’t help thinking about it! Guess I should just be patient.

Today is a good day, Hubby will be home early and he’s off tomorrow. Plus I’m meeting a friend for coffee and I’m going for a friend’s bachelor’s. He’s getting registered next week so there’s a very unplanned bachelor’s happening tomorrow. I’ve been invited to his, the only female who has been but in the interest of male bonding I’ll do my bit to get him horribly drunk then leave to the bachelorettes’. I don’t know her very well but this marriage has alienated her family and she needs all the support she can get. Plus he’s a really good friend of mine and I want to give as much to them as I can.

oh, and I’ve got another interview tomorrow, at my sister’s company! I applied for the postion without knowing who the company was and they called for an interview. It’sĀ  a good company and they pay well but I don’t wana work near my sister! lol Guess I’m backing to counting my chickens before they hatch!

ok, I’m off, I rambled my little heart out enough for one day.


10 thoughts on “To give or not to give

  1. Good luck with the interviews, hope you get the job you want most. But if you don’t, just keep in mind there is always a reason. Chins up!

    As for the Mom effect, yes well… if it wasn’t exactly her money you were giving your friend, what business of hers?

    One does need to be very careful though. “A friend in need is a friend to avoid” – judge your friend’s character carefully, I’ve lost friends by becoming their benefactor until the day I couldn’t – and they held that day against me. Then again everyone is on their own life path, maybe that’s not a lesson that’s in store for you.

      1. If she’s a real friend, it won’t happen. Have faith. If it does, it’s very disappointing but still better than to err the other way round.

  2. As long as the interviews are going well Ric.
    And, as with everything, what needs to happen will – you just have to let it.
    Nobody even wants me for an interview – seems BBEEE is screwing me over big time! Or, maybe I’m really useless šŸ™‚

    1. I doubt that, I think it is the BBEEE issue, I’m Indian but 3 times I’ve been passed over for someone ‘blacker’ then me! We just have to keep trying!

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