Pets, what would we do without them?



I’m one of those humans that can be described as an ‘animal’ person. I’ve always loved animals, a love fostered early on by my parents. For as long as I can remember we’ve always had dogs. I’ve owned dogs, chicks, turtles, rabbits and even a mouse (which mysteriously disappeared one day while I was at school). I’ve loved them and cried for them and I think I’m a better person for loving them.

I currently live in a flat that has a no-pets policy so, me being me, I’ve snuck in a rabbit. There’s not freaking way I can live without an animal. He is the most adorable rabbit alive. He’s black and grey and very intelligent. Everyone says he’s fat but he’s just got poofy fur! These past few weeks at home have made me appreciate him more then ever.

He has so much of love for me that he makes me forget my own issues. His house is a bird cage in the bathroom. I’ve trained him to use a kitty litter box as his toilet and he’s pretty good with that. We both have established a routine over the weeks. I wake up and let him out and we both use the loo. Then he has breakfast and comes out to the room to play with Hubby while he gets ready for work. Hubby puts him back in the cage and I let him back out when I’m awake. while I bath he does the same, he sits on the mat next to the tub and gives himself a good lick. While I get dressed in the bedroom he noses around and investigates the room as if we somehow changed it while he was asleep. Once he’s done with that he jumps on the bed and I give him a good pet. I go to the kitchen and he then spends the rest of the day napping. When Hubby gets home he comes alive again and before bed he spends some time with us playing or eating chips and making me chase him around my pillows.

I remember the pet store owner telling me that rabbits are dumb. Ha! He knows nothing. My baby is really intelligent. He knows when I’m sick. He jumps on the bed and cuddles up right to me. The other day I was lying on the bed, not feeling too positive and he jumped up and gave me a few of his rabbit kisses. He knows that he shouldn’t scare the kids, he creeps up to them slowly so that they don’t get scared. And he knows not to hurt our Jack Russell (my mum’s). She’s tiny and loves him but she gets a bit too rough and when she does he gives a thump on the carpet and she backs off. My german shepherd wasn’t so lucky, he wouldn’t listen to the thump and ended up with a back foot in his face, he’s much more respectful now though. Once my friends stayed over and feel asleep on my side of the bed, when my rabbit got on the bed my friend pushed him off. The next morning he found his shoe full of rabbit pee. Ha ha ha

Having him with me has made my days so much more bearable. I suppose this may seem like a silly post to some but I love him with all my heart and I just thought I’d put that down on ‘paper’.



10 thoughts on “Pets, what would we do without them?

  1. if it works for you, it works for you.
    I once had a rabbit. Long ago and far away. It was a pink rabbit.
    And one day I came home from school to a garden filled with pink fluff.
    I’ve never had a rabbit since…

  2. Awww… So cute and such a lovely story. I love my pets too. Had a rabbit once, my Dad got him for me… unfortunately, he got out of his cage the one day and our Border Collie wanted to herd him and squished the poor thing by putting her paws on him. She obviously didn’t want him to go anywhere.

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