Of friends and memories

My best friend is getting married in November and I need to throw her a bridal shower and have not ideas! It’s a difficult one because my girlfriends threw me the bestest bridal shower a girl could ask for. It involved Vodka filled slush puppy machines, a blow up doll, TeaseHers and a whole lot of fun. They set the bar up pretty high.

Three years later and we’ve changed a lot since then. Clubbing is still fun, just not as fun as before. Drinking is awesome it’s just harder to recover the next day. Partying up a storm is just not what it used to be. Besides, her in laws will probably do the clubbing thing. I was thinking we book a weekend away where we can do some bonding but how do we make this different to any other weekend away we’ve done? After 13 years of friendship our group has done it all. Any ideas are welcome, please!

While on the topic of friends, I love my friends. There was a stage when we spent every weekend together (back when we were single). We know everything about each other and having that much history is special. I always wonder how people manage without friends. Over the years the girls have added partners to the group and we’ve just gotten bigger and better. It’s been hard to manage our friendship and we’ve lots one or two people along the way, it’s like a marriage, it requires maintenance but we’ve made it work. And now one of my best friends is getting married, out my house no less, it’s a bitter sweet moment.

I guess everything changes and we just need to go with the flow.


4 thoughts on “Of friends and memories

  1. Ah yes. They grow up so fast!
    Suppose you could do a weekend away with a whole spa thing. Or maybe a retreat? Some meditation and shit.
    Or just go out with a truckload of booze and have a wet one 😉

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