In Between

I’ve always wondered what the term ‘limbo’ means. I think now I know. Today I was in limbo. I woke up at 6:30 and didn’t want to go back to sleep which is weird because I love sleeping! lol But I didn’t want to do anything else either. I read for a while then eventually made the bed, brushed my teeth and wandered to the kitchen. I wasn’t hungry so I moved to the lounge and put on the TV but I don’t really like watching TV so I went back to the room.

I decided a long, hot soak would hlep me out. I ran the bath, took out some clothes and all my toiletries but then the thought of lying in the water and thinking and I was put off so I just sat on the bed and looked around and the water eventually got cold.

That was basically my day. I wasn’t in a bad or depressed mood but neither was I feeling happy or productive. I just couldn’t commit to one way or the other. Hubby came home and I cooked supper, we at, watched some TV and he went to bed and here I am, sitting and trying to keep my mind occupied. This feeling makes me feel uncomfortable.  Tomorrow, no matter how I feel, I will do Something! I think I’ll bake or something.

And it’s so weird because I had such a good day on Wednesday. I went to see my dad and he cooked us lunch and I spent the afternoon with him. We chatted and gossiped about family and discussed politics and what a nag my mother could be. lol I also spole to my cousin in Canada for a good 2 hours. I ended the day feeling really good and positive. So what happened over night?

Human beings are so freaking weird. I just don’t get us!


9 thoughts on “In Between

  1. Nanus has a point Ric.
    When I was parking off at home, my mom would come over – first to help with all the knitted stuff I made, and then to help with baking the biscuits. Of course, me, I don’t mind being a hermit, but you’re still young.
    But structure helps – keep the rhythm going, and try to keep busy with as many constructive things as possible.

  2. I suggest you give yourself a fixed schedule. Use a certain time every day to look for a new job. Secondly, take some learning task, get some books and study every day (except on the weekend) for a certain number of hours. Do some housework at a specific time. Also, put exercise on your plan. Structure your day and then keep that structure. And meet people regularly. Otherwise, you will sink into a permanent limbo state that is very dissatisfying and might lead to depression.

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