Disappointment creates character

Disappointment creates character. My husband chirps this to me every so often and I want to strangle him when he does! I got call from the agency last week and I didn’t get the position. Disappointment is an understatement. I invested so much into this position. Oh well, guess it’s back to the drawing board for me. Lucky I’ve still been applying and putting my CV out there. I was just so sure that I was going to get this one.

On to other news…. Well, I don’t have much other news at the moment! Lol Ooooh, expect that this weekend I found a little unknown gem (to me anyway) in Braamfontein. A friend of mine organised a ladies day and we all met at the Neighbourgoods Market in JHB town. I was honestly blown away by this place. It’s basically a food market in the parking lot of a building. The first floor is filled with stalls of all kinds of food, not the typical kind of foods that can be found in the shops. And they range from Spanish to Mediterranean to Mexican. They also have different types of cheeses, olives, sausages, etc. They also have exotic beers, wines, champagnes and desserts.

Once you pick your choice of foods you can go up one floor to the open roof top where there are lines of benches to enjoy your food. There is a live band and people just keep streaming in. After we were stuffed to capacity and sick of the crowds we went across the road to a little bar called Kitcheners.  It’s a really old, quaint bar. One part of it sells clothes, clothes and books and has a little cocktail bar. The other room has tables and chairs and the other bar. By 13:00 it was packed to capacity and just kept filling up.

We met so many different types of people, German, Ukrainian, Indian, Scottish and so much more. We were there for a few hours and we made so many friends. People would just walk up to us and start chatting away. There was a photographer who kept us entertained by making us pose and we just had lots of fun. There were also live singers, guys with the most beautiful voices. It was a great day out; anyone staying in JHB should definitely go there.

The day out was fun because it reminded me a lot of when I was younger and studying. We used to try out everything and go everywhere. We met lots of people and made tons of friends. Not to mention how much we learnt about different cultures and countries. This is was a lot like that, we danced and sang and laughed and had some good ol fashioned fun.

On Friday afternoon bestie came over to see how I was doing. When I told her that I hadn’t stepped out of the house since Monday she sent me straight into the bedroom to get changed lol We went out to Bedforview and met up with a few friends. We ended up bowling, playing pool and had a few drinks at the Galaxy World bar. I felt much better after that evening. Bestie was appalled at the fact that all I had done the whole week was clean and cook. It’s difficult to keep myself occupied. I’ve already settled into a routine. I wake up when Hubby wakes up for work and faff in bed till he leaves. Then I wake up, have a bath and start cleaning. Next up is breakfast and then on goes the lap top till about lunch time. I put on the TV and then read for a bit and then start cooking supper. Because I don’t do much during the day I’m not tired so I end up reading in bed for a few hours after Hubby’s fast asleep.

Bestie made me laugh, she says because I have no intellectual stimulation my conversation has degenerated into trash talk. Lol Is this how housewives feel?

Anyway, I hope everyone is good, I don’t blog much because I don’t have much to say but I’ll try and keep up with all the new posts.




5 thoughts on “Disappointment creates character

  1. You will have to share the address of that spot with me Ric – sounds like a good place to go to 😉
    As for disappointment – sure it creates character – after you’ve gotten something to get over the disappointment!! But it is a big part of life, nothing for it – chin up Ric, just keep swimming…

  2. Would you rather hold the perspective that it is not disappointment but a learning experience to support you going forward? How could you shift the perspective in this manner?

    Liked the post…


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