There are some jobs that need peope with ‘people skills’. For example, if you are behind the counter at any retail store, in general you should be able to communicate with customers, have the patience to explain the product to them and be friendly. It’s no use scowling behind the counter, being short, or rude because then the customer will go to the competitor. At least pretend to like people.

There are millions of jobs like this and I sometimes wonder how is it that some people end up in their jobs. Take this recruitment agent that called me today. When I answered the phone she responded like I had called her, not only that, she gave me the impression that she didn’t really have time for the conversation. Then she goes on to tell me that she has a position available. “You want it?” she snaps out at me. Now usually I do a bit of screening when I get these calls, I need to know a bit more about the position before I accept the interview so that I don’t waste my time of the agents. I ask a few more questions and she gets all impatient and tells me she has dozens of positions and I either come for the interview or not. Excuse me? Who do you think you’re talking to? I know that jobs are hard to come by but there’s no way I’m rolling over because you’re having a bad day.

I told her I wasn’t interested, thank you for the call. She then responds to say that very few people the requirments set by her client and I do and she wants to meet me. Ha! You should’ve thought of that before you made me feel negative towards her. I then ask her my questions again and she curtly responds in one word answers. Luckily I asked the questions because the salary was way too low, the job to far and the position a junior one. When I told her that she responds ‘fine, good afternoon’  and puts the phone down. How dare she dismiss me like that! I was so bloody irritated

I hate being dismissed! It reminds me of my previous boss who used to dismiss me by telling me ‘to get the hell out of his office’. I dunno, maybe it’s my ego but I despise being talked to like I was a little child. I will definitely not want to work with this woman. She could jeopardise my application. I really think she needs to rethink her line of work.

 My friends and family know by now that you can’t just end a conversation with me if we’re chatting via email or text or whatever. If you need to end the conversation say something along the lines of ‘i got to go do ________, can we chat later?’ or something of the sort. I get mad when you write me a text and then say ‘have a good day’ or ‘bye’ and end the conversation. Who says I was done? At least ask me if I have anything more to add. Bad manners people! Or I absolutely hate when I send someone a long mail/message and then reply with a one worder or even worse, like my husband does with a ‘k’. I could scream!!!

lol I’m not sure how this turned into a rant. Guess I’m just feeling a bit frustrated at the moment. I need to excercise or something!


One thought on “Dismissed!

  1. Maybe you are indeed feeling a bit frustrated 😉
    Good to get it off your chest every so often.
    I’m building into a rantlet myself. Small minded people. And worse, stupid, small minded people.

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