9 years and counting

9 years seems an eternity when you’re young. Thats how long Hubby and I have been together for. 9 years ago on the 28th of Feb we met for the first time, on a blind date no less! A year later on the same date he asked me out, 3 years later he proposed, on the very same date and 3 years ago we got married, on the 28th. Its a pretty special date and every year on this date we celebrate, not how long we’ve been married or been together but how long we’ve been friends for. In the 9 years we’ve been together and broken up, angry and hurt and upset but we’ve always been friends. That’s what I value the most in our relationship. So each year we pick a nice restuarant, order a bottle of champagne and a 3 course meal and enjoy each other’s company.

This year was no different except that now instead of talking about upcoming holidays, planning our wedding or our getting our own place we’re talking babies and families, finances and bonds. It’s amazing how far we’ve come. I don’t know if I’d be the same person without him. He’s taught me so much, he’s taught me that I’m beautiful and intelligent, that I’m a good person. He’s taught me to be less selfish and more giving, he’s taught me that it’s ok to make mistakes and to cry and be sad. That life is so much more that just good times. He makes me believe in soul mates cos he certainly is mine!

Ok, enough of the soppy stuff! The past few days have been hectic. I met some ladies from work on saturday and they surprised me with some amazing gifts. They all put money together and bought me a 2 hour photoshoot for me and hubby and picture frames for the prints. I also got some of my favourite jewellery. I was very surprised and appreciative and it’s good to know that I made friends.

On Sunday I went for a friend’s wedding. It gave me an opportunity to put on one of my new saris and my best Indian jewellery. The only problem was that the sari I chose to wear was sheer, in the sun it was really revealing! I was self-conscious all day. But I have so many expensive saris with no opportunity to wear then that I figured, what the heck, I might as well.

My 3rd interview went well today, at least I think so. The person I’m going to be working for interviewed me and she’s one tough cookie. She knows exactly what type of person she’s looking for. She wants, in her words, someone who isn’t sensitive or ‘touchy-feely’. Apparently she doesn’t have time for that type of stuff. She’s a real hard ass from what I can tell but she seemed to like me. I used to be very sensitive but this company that I just left has hardened me up. I hope I’m up to the challenge. I find myself doubting my abilities a lot these days.

The agent called me back this afternoon saying that they wanted a second reference, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad? It could be bad cos they maybe doubting my abilities or it could be good because they want to hire me and want to make sure I’m the right fight. What do you guys think? I was so confident but then I heard about this and now I’m not so sure.

Apparently my old company has hired someone to replace me. Ironically she’s someone I know from school, a year or two younger than me but what’s funny is that I stole her boyfriend in school! Well, not intentionally. I didn’t know he was dating her and he dumped her to go out with me. Needless to say she doesn’t like me very much, she must loath sitting in the position that I once had! Oh well, I hope she has better luck than I did!

Ok, time to catch up on everyone’s posts, even about me!




7 thoughts on “9 years and counting

  1. Happy anniversary Ric 😉
    Glad you found that one person that makes it all worth while!!
    As for the interview – what needs to happen, will. Just have faith in that…

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