Thou shall not Judge

Yesterday I stood chatting to my neighbour and she wondered why I was at home on a week day. I told her that I had resigned ( I didn’t go into the sordid details) and that I was currently looking for something else. She then goes on to tell me that she’s in the same position and had also left work. The thing is, I spoke to her in December and she told me that she had left work to take a ‘break’  for a few months and get some personal stuff done. It’s only when I told her my reason that she came clean with the fact that she resigned because of problems at work. I got the impression that she was ashamed of doing so. Looking back, a lot of people I’ve spoken to have only told me their stories once I told them mine.

Is it the culture in our country to lie about reasons for leaving work. When I tell people I resigned without another job I inevitably get judged, I don’t really care, I’m not stupid, I made the choice that was best for me at the time. But it seems that people do care. I know how valuable having a job is, and I know better than to resign without another position however you don’t my circumstances so why judge me? Do you think me stupid and unappreciative for having a job while so many people don’t? Or maybe you think I’m just lazy and I want to sit at home all day?

Some people have also told me things along the lines of “you’re so calm, if I were in your place…” What do they expect me to do? Burst into tears and rant and rave at the unfairness of my situation. Should I throwing a pity party maybe? I’m ‘dealing’ with it the best way I know how but for some reason people perceive me as being arrogant and nonchalant. I can’t help but shake my head at these judgements, so what if I’m not playing the victim? Also, you don’t know my full story so don’t be rash with your words.

I guess it al comes down to the fact that one should never judge. You never know what’s happening in someone’s life, they could be perfectly happy or they could crying inside.

On to better news, we have our lights back on! I cooked a big, fat pot of chicken curry which was divine! This morning I even baked scones. he he he I’m just so grateful to have the power back on right now.

Oh, and I’ve got a second interview tomorrow. I was interviewed by an agency last week, tomorrow I’m being interviewed by the client’s H.R and When I make it past this round I’ll be interviewed by my boss (to-be). They’ll then present my agency with an offer which will then be presented to me and finally a contract will be signed. Shew! You’d think I was being interviewed as MD or something! lol I just hope it all goes quickly so that I can start working already. Send good vibes my people, I need it!


6 thoughts on “Thou shall not Judge

  1. People do tend to judge quickly – it’s what humans do actually.
    Glad the power’s back on again – such a schlepp without it!!
    As for the interview – all the good vibes I can spare to you 😉

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