Day 2

No electricity since last Wednesday! No hot water, no home cooked food, no fridge. It’s been terrible! I’ve had to go and charge all my stuff and bath at my mum’s house plus we’ve had to buy tons of ice for the meat in the freezer. Hubby has been going crazy without any TV or Xbox. The worst part though is not being able to cook. We’ve been living on take aways and I don’t even feel like eating food anymore.

On Sunday we got a notice from the council to say we’ve still got another 5 more days of this to go and so we decided to buy a generator to ride out the situation. With Hubby at work its been up to me to lug the big thing outside, fill it up with petrol and get it started. I’ve had to have a bath twice today cos of spilling petrol on myself! Plus these things are freakin expensive, I hope we can claim back for all our expenses. There are tons of wires all over the place running the fridge and TV and cellphone chargers, etc. I’m quite fed up of this situation. And apparently well be on an ‘unstable’ line till the end of March after which they will set us up on a new substation.

On top of all this I’m pulling out my hair with frustration at having to sit at home. I’ve been waking up my normal time so that I don’t get lazy but 12:00 I’ve had a bath, cleaned the house, did washing, cooked, had breakfast and been job searching! The afternoons are left to reading but that makes me sleepy so I pace up and down the house trying to keep myself awake. I don’t want to get into the habit of sleeping late and waking up late. I hope this doesn’t go on for too long!

Thanks goodness my sister lent me her laptop so at least I have contact with you guys :). How is ever7one in blog land anyhow?


8 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. I was already asking myself what had happened to you. I know this situation from Cameroon. In the village (Njinikom) we where without electricity for some time (although not for so many days). They said it was because of repairs, but everybody thought some kind of corruption was involved. We prepared warm water for bathing on the stove (gas with a gas bottle, which is obviously the better choice under these conditions). On the long run, one would use fresh meat (living chicken running around) and dried meat instead of meat in the fridge.
    In Kumbo at the bishop’s house (the bishop of Kumbo is a relative) the power went out and the generator was spoiled. The whole town was without electricity. When it came back, I thought I could look into the internet but obviously the whole town had the same idea so the internet practically stopped working. There was obviously just one line for the whole town and now everybody went online the same moment. I gave up. Having a generator for such events is definitely a good idea although they are loud and expensive.

  2. Well, when I was parking off at home, I think I maybe did the dishes once a week. But then, I’m alone, have a dishwasher, and hardly ever cook 😉
    Only thing for it young lady – blog more 😉
    Hope you find something soon!!

  3. I heard about the outage in your area. *sigh* I hope it gets sorted soon.

    My mom got fed up with retired life, because just like you she had all her chores done by midday. She decided to find a job and loves working again. She says it gets too lonely and with her saying that, I know what you are referring to.

    Fingers crossed with the job hunt and so nice seeing you online. 🙂

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