Tales of Horror

What is it with violent situations that get people eager and panting for more? This Oscar Blade Runner story has gotten so out of control over the past week. This morning I received an email with the subject “Inside Oscar’s House of Horrors”, wtf is up with that? The mail contained ‘scenes’ of the night that Reeva was murdered. Now, I understand that this is a story of interest, Oscar was our golden boy. What I can’t understand is all the stories that have been floating about regarding what happened. The email even had a picture of the morgue hearse taking Reeva’s body away! Why would someone take a picture of that?

And then there’s the jokes that broke out just hours after it came out! I did laugh at a lot of them and I feel guilty about doing this but the fact that people had already started with the jokes surprises me. And I’m not in any way judgemental but I just don’t understand why people find this story so fascinating. I have my own opinion on the matter especially since ‘the truth’ has emerged in the past few days.

It’s almost like when you’re driving past the scene of an accident, you know how awful it is but you can’t help but look. Is this sick curiosity just part of human nature? Or do people just want to focus on someone else’s problems for a change?

On that note, I promised myself I wouldn’t blog about my problems, I’m becoming a whiney old bag but since that’s the centre of my life at the moment I might as well, it makes me feel better. I went for my interview on Tuesday and it went really well. The agent that I met with called in her manager to meet me and she was impressed with my CV and personality. She says that she has her whole team marketing me and I’ll be ‘snatched up’ in no time. To be honest I didn’t believe a thing she said, but then since I’ve met here she’s phoned me three times to submit my CV for different jobs.

I was speaking to my life coach about it and she says that I have no reason to doubt what the agent says. Why on earth would she lie? I guess that my confidence is so low that I can’t believe anyone would be interested in me professionally. I’ve been working actively on improving on that. I’m good at what I do, I earn a good salary and I shouldn’t let one bad experience change that.

On Wednesday I came in and told my boss that I want to finish off on Friday instead of next week. Surprisingly he said yes instantly. He was actually honest with and said that I looked like I had had enough. No shit Sherlock! But since then he’s eased up quite a lot. I think now that the situation is almost at an end we both feel better. I may be misjudging him but I think he may actually be feeling a prick on a guilty conscience. I hope so because that means that he may think twice about treating another woman in the same manner.

On a more positive side my colleagues have all been (seemingly) very sad to see me go. Lots of them have had so many good things to say and that makes me feel better. Because I’m leaving so abruptly they’ve convinced me to come in next Friday for a farewell. I’m grateful for the thought so I will come in and with my head held high.

Unfortunately me leaving tomorrow means that I’ll be blogging all that often. I’ll try my best to keep to blog at read your posts at least once a week though. If anyone would like to keep in touch please let me know and I’ll send you my email address.



7 thoughts on “Tales of Horror

  1. On news24, basically every second article is about Oscar and the most read ones are about him too. I also got that “house of horrors” email. I’m twisted and actually love driving past accidents but I don’t wanna be seeing emails like this. And I’m actually getting sick of all of this, I’m sure there’s other news that needs to be reported as well.
    And you can’t run away from us bloggers! Just suggesting something like that is blasphemy! 😉

  2. So you’re leaving work, and can’t blog from home? How the heck are we going to know what’s potting if you don’t blog?
    I think you should rethink the no blogging thing very carefully 😉
    As for the OP story – I don’t care one way or the other. He’s just a young man, that has not learnt how to handle his shit, and now he has to pay the piper.
    The agency – who knows. They might even be speaking the truth – as your LC says – they have no reason to lie, and even if they are – it’s a good pick me up for you, so no harm done either way 😉
    Wishing you all the luck I can spare Ric – everything will be OK…

    1. Hubby has this system hooked up thats soooo complicated! it’s not a simple matter of just switching the laptop on but you’re right, I should make more of an effort. Besides, i’d be lost with you guys!!

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