Moody monday



Every monday for the past four weeks I’ve felt something different. This week I’m happy to say that I’m feeling very positive. On Saturday I got together with my girlfriends and we had a good bonding session over wine and cheese. We talked and let everything all hang out. Each of us are going through a bit of a tough time so it was nice to share our stories.

This morning when I woke up I felt awful. I’m feeling drained and sluggish. Every single part of my body aches but I don’t feel like I’ve got the flu or a cold or something. I think that the emotional turmoil of the past few weeks, not to mention the sleepless nights and anxiety and then the emotional purging on Saturday has finally caught up with me. My body and my mind refuse to cooperate and I’ve totally lost focus. There were so many moments during the day that I wanted to just throw myself in some quiet corner and rest a bit. But despite this feeling I still feel good. The world isn’t ending and everything will work out, I hope! In the mean time I’ve got so much to be thankful for.

On the bright side I’ve had three interviews so far so at least there’s some interest in my CV. I just hope that I can maintain that. I’ve applied for so many jobs that I’ve lost track! I’m hoping one of them bloody come through.

And I don’t if it’s because I’ll be leaving soon but I have almost no patience left for my boss. He’s being a child and driving me insane! Last week while I was out my office he sprayed two cans of doom, put of the air con and then closed my door! Then one morning I come in the office and my chair is gone, he’s using it because apparently his is broken and he threw it away! The next morning I came in early and took it back 🙂 and his chair miraculously appeared from somewhere! Then he’s got me doing a full tax audit, but get this, it’s on stuff we don’t claim tax for!!!! Arrrrggghhhh!!!! It’s only a few more days though so I need to be strong.

I’ve got a while bunch of work related E-cards like the ones I’ve attached, before I leave I’m gona plaster them all over the building. he he he



13 thoughts on “Moody monday

  1. Don’t kill your boss before you leave! 😉
    As for the tax audit, hand it over here, I need some experience in tax matters, hehe.
    Hope the interviews go well. Fingers crossed

  2. “He’s being a child”
    Really, he is very childish! A naughty child. Poor mother of him.
    If these mobbing attacks don’t work, he might eventually stop them. Like a naughty boy who is trying where the limits are.
    As far as possible “don’t even ignore him”. 🙂

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