Dirty habits

was sitting in my office calmly tapping away at my keyboard, busy with some sort of project. The sounds of my radio and my aircon were the only noises to penetrate my hearing until.  At first I didn’t register the sound but when I did I stopped typing and cocked my head one side trying to figure out what that noise was. It seemed to be coming out of my boss’s office. After a few puzzled seconds it dawned on me what exactly that horrific noise actually was. My boss was clipping his nails!

I almost vomited! I mean, this is the desk that he sits and has lunch at! I know that you spend most of your time at your work place and that you should be comfortable in that environment but come on, that’s just disgusting! Imagine if I put some papers in front of him and when I collect them I get a stray nail clipping in them which then just happens to slip into my lunch and I ate it! That’s freakin disgusting!!! Maybe I’m not normal but I think something like should be done at home.

Another thing I can’t do is use the loo at work. My tummy and bladder are trained to wait till I get home. The thought of all the germs in my office bathrooms make me cringe. I’m not a snob or anything, nor am I against the use of public toilets, after all, if you  gotta go you gotta go, but in my work environment I’m more aware of peoples hygiene habits. Also, because the toilets are so small smells can be toxic. I’d rather just avoid the whole situation all together.

I have noticed that a lot of people aren’t like me though. They are more than comfortable with doing anything in the working environments. This one guy used to nap on the couches in reception during nightshift. If you think of the hundreds of bums that have sat on those couches, the same couches that have never been cleaned in all the time that I’ve worked here, its quiet sickening.

And I’m not a germ freak either, I’m just hyper aware of ‘stuff’. If a stranger uses my phone I immediately spray it with some disinfectant. I’m not putting that thing by my mouth after some dude breathed all over it! I also won’t use a used pen, people tend to nibble on pens. This one lady I worked with used to have weaves in her hair and she used to use her pen to scratch her scalp. When I asked why she did that she mentioned that she hadn’t washed her in weeks so as not to upset the weave, yeah, never touching any of stuff ever again! The same lady used to keep open food in her desk drawers an d we had a cockroach outbreak! I never used to bring my hand bag into the office that disaster, incase I took one of the prawns home with me.

Then I knew one guy who used to take of his shoes at work. I have done that plenty of times, especially my feet are aching from those heels I knew I shouldn’t have worn, but this guy was different. He’s walk all over the office until his feet were black and then he’d rub his feet with his hands but not wash them after! Imagine shaking hands with that???

And I know that there are plenty of other stuff that I should be weary off in the world but I’m not aware of those things so I’m not affected. My house is clean and I like my office to be clean. Don’t be coming in here with your nail clipping-stinky toe-dirty hand- smelly breath habits and expect me to be happy about it! Or am I just paranoid?



8 thoughts on “Dirty habits

  1. We once had a break during a class and the guy who was giving the class went to the bathroom but he forgot to switch off his mic. We heard him do his business but then we didn’t hear any form of running water sound. How nasty is that?!

  2. You don’t maybe have a slight OCD going on there? Just a tad? Spraying phones?
    Yes well…
    I agree with you about the nail clipping though – that’s not on at all!!!
    Glad hubby came to his senses regarding V day – I hope he’s suitably impressed with your “Thank you” 😉

      1. Maybe “slight” is not quite the word you’re looking for here 😉
        There is truth to what you say though – I’ve heard that many men wank in the bathroom and then don’t wash their hands – that’s just soooooooooo frikking nasty!!
        Just thinking about it makes me want to hurl! See what you started now!

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