Positive vibes

I am the type of person who firmly believes in positive thinking. I know many people who think that sort of ‘new age’ thinking is a bunch of cow patties but it works for me. I went through a stage a couple of years ago where I was really down in the dumps, I could see no hope for my life. Eventually I climbed out of my barrel of despair and make the decision to never go back there again.

Since then I’ve done alot of reading and learning and practicing. Sometimes it’s not easy but because of the techniques I use to help myself cope I’ve been living a pretty good life. And now it’s time once again to use all of my strengths and get back on the wagon. This recent episode has been a blow to my confidence and my ego. It’s also made me realised that I’m not as tough as I thought I was. But I do know that I can get back on top of this.

The reason I know that I will be ok is because of all the support I’ve recieved from my friends and family and even the bloggers. I’ve been honest with my story and I honsetly expected ridicule but I recieved just the opposite. All of you have been so supportive and all the positivity that have come through has helped me so much. I’ll probably have my weak moments but I’ll remember all of you when I do and I’ll remind myself of my self worth.

The one thing that has made me laugh through all this is the reactions of my loved ones. My dad and husband and male friends have been threatening to beat someone up! They are ready to take up their swords for my honor. It’s been quiet heart warming to see their reactions.

My sisters and my mum have all been very indignant and wounded on my behalf. They’re convinced that I’m innocent no matter how many times I claim otherwise. I love that they see the best in me. Each of them has phoned me a million times a day to check how I’m doing and have offered help in every way possible.

My friends have all offered their help in getting me a job and my girlfriends are organising a ladies night this weekend so that I can ‘get it off my chest’ lol. They expect me to dissolve into tears and rant about unfair the world is. And to be honest I really want to do that but I can’t allow myself that weakness, if I start I might never stop!

My blogging friends have offered advice, support and sympathy. I’ve received legal advise and revenge advise. A few guys have also threatened a beat down of note.

So to everyone, Thank You! You’ve kept me going and helped me remain positive. You’ve made a difference in a strangers life and you’ll get that kindness back in spades. I hope I can do the same for a friend in need.


8 thoughts on “Positive vibes

  1. Always welcome young lady.
    That’s what we’;re here for – fact is, no matter how wrong you think you were, our job is not to point that out.
    Our job is just to help you get through this in any way possible, and you will!!!

      1. It will be….and it will be worth it! Perhaps this is the Universe nudging you to your dream job???? She whispers, then she shouts and then she drops a brick wall on your head! Perhaps she just got tired of talking ;). Have Faith.

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